How to lose 7lbs in a week!

Did I get your attention?

Are you suitably ready for me to reveal a miracle treatment?

If you’re here you’re one of many, like me, that click through stupidly titled links like this every day. Honestly, if I see an obviously fake advert claiming ‘STAY AWAY FROM THIS FOOD TO LOSE 5LBS A DAY‘ I will be semi-interested for a split second before common sense kicks in.

A load of crap
A load of crap

I’ve been on and off dieting/losing and putting on weight since I was 13. Apparently I went through a ‘traumatic experience‘ when I was 12, which kickstarted some very weird habits. I went mute for a couple months and started comfort eating. I grew out of the mute stage but ended up developing an eternal defence mechanism of running away from my problems. Any time anyone mentioned my obvious weight gain I’d either ignore them or start getting upset so they would shut up. Because everybody felt sorry for me I usually got away with it!

As the years went on and I quit my local table tennis club (the only thing keeping me active) as my friend moved away, things got more serious. At 17 I became a bit of an alcoholic, which conveniently dealt with running away from all my problems in one! My diet went awal and I put on even more weight.

Then I met my other half who is 6″4 and eats like a horse. His metabolism is ridiculous. Cooking for us both was weird and I ended up matching his portion sizes for cooking ease. This was the turning point when I went from overweight to obese. I was comfort eating even more from increased stress from living with housemates who didn’t get on with me anymore and dealing with a job I hated and didn’t get paid for.

These are no excuses for ill health. But I still believe it’s important to understand how and why you got to a stage where you’re unhappy. It’s part of the recovery!

So here I am. Over 18 stone and still waiting on the miracle cure.

A few months ago I made the following rules:

  • Work out 5 times a week
  • Aim for 500kcal per meal
  • If eating out/getting take out you MUST do a work out that day
  • Max 2 take aways a month
  • Do not buy junk food
  • Want a snack? Have water or tea first, then fruit, then houmous and veg or toast
  • Alcohol only allowed on work out days

It worked for a while, but as with anything I soon caved and spiralled back to normal. I think the problem was I tried to change all of these at once. Also, 5 work outs a week was hard to keep up.

So I thought it’s a good time to start fresh (with a new blog too!) and even document my journey on here. Maybe that will motivate me some more!

So new plan.

Some adjusted rules but we’ll introduce one each week instead of all at once.

This week: work out 3 times.

Luckily I live in a flat complex that comes with a free gym and pool! I really don’t have excuses… I also love to run and do Zumba so I’ll try and alternate the regime to keep it interesting to aid in the motivation!

I’ve got 7.5 stone to go until I’ll be classified as healthy. It’s a long journey but the truth is I’ll be expected to teach a bunch of teenagers the importance of being healthy this time next year and how will they take me seriously if I can’t even do it?


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