The other side

Hello normality!

It’s been a while… Just over two weeks right?

I handed in my 80 page, 18,000 word dissertation yesterday and oh wow did it feel good to do that. I’d even had it printed and bound on special paper (as per the university’s request), which although cost me over Β£20 (not refunded by the uni) it did feel special. Take a look:

Spoilers: further research is needed to confirm anything (as is all science)
Spoilers: further research is needed to confirm anything (as is all science)

It still amazes me how I went from around 4,000 words to over 18,000 in two weeks and that’s probably why I lost my sanity along the way at points. There were moments when it just all became too much and I would have mild panic attacks in the middle of the day and then there were moment of “I DONT CAAAAAAAAARE” but somehow I came through to the other side.

Near the beginning I was just getting into the swing of things when my boyfriend got me these BEAUTIFUL flowers to keep me going. He’s Β been amazing throughout all of this, except the state of the kitchen, which drove me mad every time I went to brew a coffee…

These flowers lasted 2 weeks on vodka and water - good plant feed!
These flowers lasted 2 weeks on vodka and water – good plant feed!

Speaking of which, the first mild panic episode occurred when I started to run DANGEROUSLY LOW on caffeine. However it did manage to last until the end where I then went shopping and noticed my coffee was on sale! The coffee gods are on my side!!


As it’s September, Britain obviously decided to have a last stab at summer so there were many days where I would look over from my desk to see this. It seriously depressed me to see that i was missing out on the last shred of summer to work on this pile of shit (I CANT SAY IT ANY OTHER WAY) but I had to just keep going.


One of the ways I tried to do this was to set myself rewards for if I could complete a task within a time frame. This worked at the beginning but soon wore off due to my I DONT CAAAAAAAAARE attitude. Note: if you’re going to invest your time and effort into something, try and make sure you give a damn first.

External motivation was my life
External motivation was my life. Yes cleaning is a reward for me.

I remember the day where I freaked out because i’d realised I had literally messed up half of my results section, which is literally the whole point of this report. It was a silly little mistake that had been carried over through all of my work and I just did not know how I was going to cope. My boyfriend stepped in at this point as I was so tense that all my muscles were constantly in contract mode. He took me to our local pet shop to sit and play with all the pets for an hour, he knows me so well. These are just a couple pictures of our antics with the pet rodents! So cute!
Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.54.07It was all over as of yesterday when it was finally gone forever and since then i’ve honestly been focused on getting rid of all this left over tension. I have been the most stressed I have ever been in the last two weeks, so much so that it hasn’t just vanished at the handing in of the work.

I’ve been chilling out with candles, treating myself to the new Sims 4, catching up with animal crossing and cleaning the flat to help me get back to normality. It also means I can now get back to that oh so important reading of Game of Thrones, spying on the water ski-ers and preparing for my future career in teaching, which I am so much more passionate about than science at this point.

There's always that one pesky weed...
There’s always that one pesky weed…

So bear with me while I regain my sanity and I look forward to life on the other side!


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