I usually only brew peppermint tea for the smell…

After a really busy last couple of weeks with travelling, visiting friends/family and commuting back and fourth to university, I thought I was finally going to have some chill out time this week.

Turns out my immune system has grander plans to mess up my world temporarily.

I’ve been having trouble with sinusitis since January where a particularly bad cold/maybe flu left me bed ridden for weeks. Since then, I’ve pretty much had a constant sore throat. For some stupid reason I didn’t think twice about it and thought I was just having more colds as it’s not uncommon for me to get ill. At school, if I ever caught a cold it was dubbed ‘polly flu‘ because my body would always manifest it into some kind of horrific deadly flu-like illness and spread it around like wild fire. Maybe my pain threshold is low, but I get BAD colds.

Anyway, I finally got around to peering into my mouth with a mirror and realised I had what is called ‘post nasal drip’, which you can google as I refuse to describe the disgusting details that result in constant sore throat syndrome. So I finally scheduled a GP appointment (awkward during the move to Wales too), which isn’t for another couple weeks. In the meantime, I’ve developed another one of my infamous colds that is basically causing my already busy-bee sinuses to go bat-s**t-crazy with the increased mucus they’re having to deal with.

My eyebrow’s ache. My cheek’s ache. My nose aches. And to finish it off, my ears are also killing me. So happy.

Now I’ve missed two days of university, including two lectures where the lecturer is taking a register in the hopes to dismiss displeased students around exam times (these backhanded tactics).

I felt a bit better today so decided to stroll down to the shop today to restock on fruit and medicine and had a melt down in the shop, breaking out into a cold sweat and swaying all the way home. No idea what that was about but clearly my body is not ready for the outside world just yet.

I thought I’d leave this post on a positive, with some great remedies for colds/sinus issues that I’ve discovered over the last few months. The list is a work in progress still so if you have any suggestions PLEASE share them!

  1. 3tsp of honey and lemon each in a mug filled with hot water is THE BEST REMEDY FOR SORE THROATS EVER!! It literally soothes your burning throat instantly as you drink. Maybe in the long run, some cold and flu bog standard meds will help but if you want instant results – this is your best friend.
  2. Lozenges/soothers/strepsils/cough sweets – whatever they are, as long as they contain hexylresorcinol, you’re good.
  3. Sudafed sinus relief tablets – THE BOSS at targeting sinus pain specifically. Wish I’d started taking these from the beginning instead of measly paracetamol. It doesn’t even have caffeine in it! Just paracetamol, gualifenesin and phenylephrine, which obviously do the trick and there’s no need for that caffeine boost that most meds use to hide the lack of ‘extra strength‘ medicine.
  4. Tetley’s ‘super’ green tea – granted I’m already on the mend so maybe this didn’t help as much asย it appearsย but I think it’s a great idea to combine green tea with vitamin C and mango/pineapple or lemon/honey flavours as all of these help boost the immune system! Tastes much better too!
  5. Peppermint tea – only usedย to stick my face in the steam and sniff. It just doesn’t taste as good as it smells! Plus the fumes are great at clearing your airways (mint in general helps!)
  6. Excess consumption of fruit as it’s sweet and makes me feel happy. I’m usually more of a veg person but for some reason when I’m ill I just want meat and carbs in my main meals and fruit in between.
    1. Kiwis are like the mother of all vitamin C fruits by the way, packing ~93mg per 100g!! For comparison, pears have like 4mg and oranges have ~50mg
    2. Despite this my current favourite fruits are mangoes and passion fruit, which are more around the 30mg mark
  7. Drink lots and lots of water. Water is the cheapest and one of the most effective ways to thin out that horrible goopy mucus that is causing all of your issues so when you think you’re full up on water, think again! Who cares if you need the loo 24/7 if you’re at home resting?! Keep drinking it (or tea) and you’ll notice the difference.

Last but not least try and stay away from caffeine and alcohol (and in general lets be honest) as these tend to flare up your throat and gut anyway. It’s like going to the gym and then eating a 5-course mcdonalds meal. Cancels out more or less.

I say this yet my plan tonight is to have a mojito, combining the nutritious benefits of mint for my airways and lime for the vitamin C with water to thin that mucus. And the rum but shhhhh… Lots of beneficial lime and mint in there…


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