Who…? The WHO!

I’m not usually one to keep up with mainstream news as I find a lot of it to be massively biased based on some kind of agenda or background opinions. One scan over the Daily Mail and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I think it’s similar to ‘The Huffington post’ in the USA?

However, this week two stories caught my attention. The World Health Organisation (WHO) releasing an official press release stating processed meats to be a carcinogenic (causes cancer) and The House of Lords dismissing the UK’s government from going ahead with tax credit cuts that would half the required salary for income based monetary-benefits.

First off, the whole issue with processed meat causing cancer has been a long time coming. Those claiming the science may be flawed are now very very likely wrong because the WHO employed 22 specialists from around the world to independently review thousands of research articles on this subject. This isn’t a story about one paper that magically found out that processed meat causes cancer. It’s many many articles all indicating the same outcome, the WHO just came out and said it officially. It’s also funny to watch the US beef industry go into meltdown and try and blame the science. This announcement has been coming for years now, it’s no surprise really. The fact that regular consumption of such meat is literally related to ~20% greater risk of colon related cancer among others puts it up there with the equivalent of smoking to lung cancer. If you’re getting worried about this, they stated that less than 500g a week is ok (kind of) but any more and you’re entering risky territory.

Personally, my goal from all of this is to cut out all processed meat from now on including ‘the occasional treat’ of a subway or meaty pizza. I’ll happily cook up some fresh meat myself thanks. I’ll have to deal with it every now and then but it’s always going to be a last resort from now on. I’m also planning on cutting down on red meat massively in general as I don’t particularly trust it either and I’m sure that, give it a few years, we’ll be seeing similar research about it too. It’s unfortunate that I really don’t get on with fish no matter how hard I try to mask the flavour. I’ve been trying for years to get on board but it’s just not for me! Veg and poultry all the way!

This new revelation was particularly annoying as we currently have 2 packs of sausages ready to be eaten in the fridge… I’m not one to waste money or food (especially meat) so will have to succumb to that this week annoyingly. Won’t be going over that 500g at least!

Secondly on my radar this week was the hilarious incident where the House of Lords basically told our government to either change their proposal to ‘save‘ £4.4bn or wait 3 years (political suicide) because they voted against their tax credit cuts. The House of Lords is a non-elected governing body of random people (mostly male toffs) that say yay or nay to anything the Houses of Parliament decide to make law. The UK is weird I know.

So for the first time that I’ve ever known, the House of Lords proved useful and told the conservative party that they could not justifiably go ahead with cuts that would risk putting some members of the public into poverty situations. They were planning to half the income salary point where you receive benefits from ~£6500 to ~£3000. This along with other cuts would mean an average household loss of £1300 a year for such families. You would think this is crazy. It’s just politics. Blissful ignorance. Hilarious though, when the people you’re usually besties with stab you in the back and vote against your plans. That’s why it caught my attention anyway as for once the politicians got screwed over instead of them screwing over others. Not that I genuinely understand ANYTHING about politics let’s be honest!


2 thoughts on “Who…? The WHO!

  1. Thanks for this article, Polly Kindom! It’s been a fun and informative read on something I agree about- dropping all kinds of meat+animal products has been one of the best decisions in my life so far (multiple reasons, feel invited to visit my page!) It’s great how you’ve summed up the facts so concisely without droning on like a colourless news article.
    I’m currently working on a university module for ‘Feature Writing’ and this story has been a good read to know how to write a better feature myself, in the near future.
    Best wishes,

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