How to murder a poinsettia with good intentions

I started out with good intentions on day 2 of blogmas. I got up fairly early despite missing my morning lecture (I have a recording instead as driving in for 1 hour is draining) and put on a load of washing. Very productive! I wanted to get out of the house in an effort to get me pumped for the day, which was good as I washed the car, cleaned the inside and bought the new TES magazine. All sounding good.

I came back for my typical mid morning coffee boost where I treated myself to a home-made Costa cappuccino (courtesy of Tassimo). I had recently realised I was drinking coffee discs that were over a year out of date so stocked up on some new ones for the winter. I thought they tasted weird… So I had the intention of sitting and reading my new magazine but ended up playing games nearly ALL DAY with the boyfriend. He is SUCH  a bad influence on my productivity.

We cooked up a carbonara for dinner and I added some mushrooms because I’m at least trying to be healthy unlike the other half in my life.


I spent the evening trying desperately to find some great Christmas presents for my family and I did get some bargains online at least. Pretty sure I have three people nailed so nearly there! My boyfriend is the difficult one as he doesn’t like traditional stuff like hot drinks, toiletries, chocolate and alcohol. Like. What’s left? Think i’m gonna have to hit the shops to find some inspiration for him.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Christmas scented candles this year after buying a mix pack from Yankee candle of all the Christmas scents. My favourite so far is the candy cane and Christmas spices ones! They smell so much like Christmas! Despite this enthusiasm, it’s safe to say that my happy little poisonous poinsettia doesn’t appreciate the burning flames… I thought it looked really cute having the candles placed under the plant but after maybe 4 minutes, tops, the leaves soon shrivelled up in rebellion. Oops…


The plan was also to make some caramel white chocolate blondies today but it seems as though I may have burnt out a bit on car cleaning in the morning. Due to my relative lack of productivity, I’m setting myself a general to-do list during blogmas:

  • Write up at least one lecture a day
  • Workout twice a week
  • At least 2 bakes before Christmas (make use of your mixer!)
  • Add some new additions to the ‘Christmas’ playlist
  • Commit to blogmas if nothing else

But for now, I’ll go back to sipping on my new experimental salted popcorn hot chocolate with added marshmallows, cinnamon and candy cane sprinkles in my Rudolph mug.


If that isn’t Christmas, I don’t know what is.


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