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Too late to start blogmas?

So November turned out to be a blog free month. Not really sure how this happened, other than maybe the clocks changing messing up my head and making me super tired 24/7. Sleep > blogging.

Regardless of this set back I’m not giving up on this blog, no way José! (British saying).

So I thought why not go from one extreme to the other! Let’s do this blogmas business and write a post EVERY DAY in December! I’m going to treat it like a diary type thing, which will hopefully inspire me to get s**t done instead of moping around like in November.

Ok so this idea came to me yesterday through my friend’s blog ( so I may have missed the first day… Great start…

However I can reminisce on yesterday’s antics today! Reflection is one of the skills I’m supposed to be working on for my TeachFirst adventure anyway. Win-win!

Day 1

Yesterday I started off with a slight lie-in as I only had university in the afternoon but decided to get up to do some morning cleaning anyway. I cleaned our neglected hob for a good half hour so now you can actually tell it is glass. I also polished the kitchen cupboards and cleaned out the sink plugs in the bathroom (disgusting job). I used to work as a cleaner part-time so I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade and also absolutely love cleaning as a result. It’s just the most satisfying feeling to look around after you’re done with pride and the smells are so great.

I then had a browse over the material in my lectures for the afternoon and started getting prepped for the commute over a mug of coffee in my new santa mug (£2.50 in Asda, love it).


I also opened the first window of my Thorntons advent calendar to receive a Christmas pud shaped chocolate and a picture of some Christmas trees!


Then it was the speedier than usual drive to sunny England (which it is compared to Wales) screeching Christmas songs all the way on full blast. Somehow I managed to get there with a few minutes to spare and find parking. The beginning of the two lectures started with a fairly angsty clinician rambling on about previous years getting annoyed that the content wasn’t worthwhile. Where have I heard that before… However we should pay attention as it will be useful when ‘integrating the other lectures’. It was essentially a reminder of stuff we had learnt before. Also the powerpoint slides were given to us in a handout with 60 pages (one slide per page who does that!?), which was a complete waste of paper. For the Green capital of Europe, that doesn’t add up.


So we heard about all the details of neuropathic pain (well, the details that we think we know) and how the big pharma companies are screwing up drug development, which I already know of. It was quite sad listening to this clinician bring up real-life examples of his own patient’s experiences with pain and how he has to tell them ‘there’s not much hope in the next few years’. The health/medical science world is a whirlwind of issues that bottleneck down to the patients ultimately and it’s depressing.


I guess if anything those lectures at least took over the revision that I no longer need to do on my own! Then it was the LONG commute home as these lectures finished at 4pm (rush hour) but I got to listen to two full playlists of music so not all bad. I then made a quick stop at the local supermarket to pick up something for dinner (oven fajitas yum!) and slumped back down into the armchair when I got back.

After some mindless watching of Come Dine With Me, I cooked up some YUMMY chicken fajitas and slumped yet again, into my armchair with a food coma and a glass of wine. So sophisticated.

I then checked over some emails and turned on the balcony Christmas lights because I love the tacky side of Christmas! I spent the evening catching up with the other half whilst playing some League of Legends as usual for us. I also found out that over 27 million people play this game on a daily basis worldwide and that my other half is in the top 8%. Kinda proud in a weird nerdy way.


I was that tired that I ended up just going straight to bed without my usual youtube frenzy or light reading. All in all, alright start to the Christmas countdown!


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