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On the third day of blogmas…

Nobody gave me hens, doves, a partridge or a pear tree so there goes that dream. Not a fan of pears anyway so WHATEVER.

Today I feasted on TWO whole pan au chocolats for breakfast as they were on sale yesterday so I’m fully stocked up on chocolate for the day. That is, after I opened my advent calendar to receive a bunny shaped chocolate (the  festive relevance?).

I then ended up watching some more Once Upon a Time with the other half all the way through to lunch. It’s honestly not the most amazing series of all time but I’m intrigued by the characters and great casting. It’s essentially this weird plot where a town in the US is full of people who are fairy tale characters but have had their memories wiped from some curse so they believe they’re indeed just normal people (that never age or leave…). I keep seeing people obsess over it on Tumblr, so thought I’d give it a shot.


Next I wrapped up my secret Santa gift for my Christmas dinner later on. We had a £5 spending limit so I decided to give the best Christmas present of all, a Santa mug of course! As it was for a prospective teacher, I added some essential stationary as well. I have found that stationary often goes missing in classes so far, so I’m sure it will get used at some point!IMG_5712

I then made myself a fresh mug of coffee and got to some university work! Finally… I only managed one lecture as I then spent ages getting ready/trying to find my hair straighteners (failed miserably). I even painted my nails bright red and wore my Rudolph earrings to the TeachFirst meal to add some festivity to the table!


I ordered a ‘festive’ lamb and spiced tomato pizza, which was really nice but odd with lamb on pizza. Trying to force myself to try new things and it didn’t disappoint! It was also really interesting to chat with the TeachFirst officers for my region, Wales, properly for the first time – including a special visit from the regional director! They were all super enthusiastic about me as I was the only one allocated to the region at the table, so I got some valuable advice for the future. Apparently my volunteer school has already been nattering about my help to the team as well! Great news!

To top off the evening, we had a ‘steal the secret Santa’ session where you open a secret Santa present randomly in order and then if you want to swap with someone else’s present you can and they have no say in it! Sounds so mean and selfish! Which it was really as someone got stuck with a 5 pack of blu tack… I on the other hand managed to nab myself another AMAZING MUG (I have a bit of an obsession if you hadn’t already noticed) that I plan to use on the teaching job! It’s a chalkboard mug?!?!?! Excuse the terrible handwriting… And cringey saying…IMG_5731.JPG

The plan is to doodle some periodic table stuff on the mug and/or introduce some quizzes for the keen eyed of my students when I start teaching. So many possibilities!

Yet again another nice day of blogmas!


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