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Blogmas day 4 | Wake up, have breakfast, take a nap

This is the second time this week I have naturally woken up as normal, dragged myself to the kitchen for some breakfast, then fall asleep for over an hour on the armchair. I have JUST woken up, do I really need more sleep!? It’s not like I’m waking up earlier or even have a flipping alarm! Why is eating breakfast so tiring lately?! So this happened again today and I pretty much missed out on an entire morning.

My advent calendar gave me a stocking shaped chocolate this morning, which is the daily blogmas news for you. I bought the Thorntons one this year in the hope of some non-advent-calendar-chocolate (if you get me) but it’s really not much of a step up from normal terrible advent chocolate. I’m sure to any american, it tastes like Hersheys though as that is essentially what our advent calendar chocolate is. It’s not nice. Our chocolate is miles ahead of anything the US tries to make. I feel for you. The picture I got was a Christmassy ice cream van if that’s possible? I’m starting to notice some irrelevant references being made in this advent calendar.


Due to my sleepy state, I decided to brew myself a cup of coffee in my new chalkboard mug and get cracking on some uni work early today.

I got through quite a few lectures on deafness today, which was great for me! They were actually quite interesting, especially the part where the lecturer included some horrifying sounds of cochlear implants trying to process music. She used the famous Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire, which I can only describe as hellish sounds. I can’t find this example online, but if you fancy giving this a listen, be my guest.

You’d be surprised how much your brain can fill in for speech recognition but isn’t quite used to music. Oh and the channels essentially equate to the number of electrodes you add to the implant, which increases the range of frequency you can detect (= clearer sounds).

Considering cochlear implants are used for people who have potentially never heard anything before, maybe the horrifying sounds aren’t quite as traumatic.

Today has actually been pretty much solid university work so not much more to report! Most likely going to have chip shop chips with curry sauce for dinner HOORAY!

To make things more christmassy, here, have a penguin flower pot.



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