Can I just say… We did indeed end up having chips and curry sauce for dinner last night, jealous? Apparently curry sauce is the most common addition to a chippy meal in this area of Wales so I’m fitting in well (there is literally a YouGov survey on this). It’s also pretty clear that we have found our staple fish and chippy as their food was lush and dirt cheap (my inner Somerset language appearing) with the student discount! The restaurant itself is very well presented for a chippy so may even have a sit down meal there sometime. Thoroughly recommend Top Gun if you’re ever about.


I also have to mention something else from yesterday (why did I post so early on, the night was young!). I download a lot of random teaching/education apps to stay current. One recent one isΒ SnapSchool, where you upload pictures of homework questions you’re stuck on for others to help out. I think the idea is other students will help answer as you gain tokens for helping others, which you can use to cash in to get your questions answered too. I don’t really have any interest in getting my homework completed for me, unless people can sit 3 hour long exams (that would be great). However, I had a gander around some of the recent questions and spent over an hour with my boyfriend and our fellow engineering friend on this one question about Venn diagrams.


It looked so simple! Venn diagrams! However the numbers were presented very awkwardly and didn’t provide many clues to figuring out the final pieces. We eventually got there with the help of the almighty Google and then realised the question was actually from a final year computer science student. Pretty chuffed that we managed to crack it actually! Unfortunately, most of the questions are maths orientated so straying a bit far from my specialism in biology but I can help a little.

After a pretty rubbish night’s sleep where I woke Β up at 6am for an hour, I made sure to make myself an early coffee so I wouldn’t fall asleep again on that damn armchair. It worked! The statistics data sets for my exam in January were released yesterday, so I spent the morning going over them and trying to get a heads up on how to analyse them. I managed to get through 2/4 questions, although I need to check with someone on the first one, but not a bad start at all! We have to use an insufferable programme called SPSS that is probably the biggest statistics software used globally to print off sheets and sheets of boring statistics to bring into exams to be questioned on. It is as dull as it sounds.


By this point it was midday so I decided to try out a new 7 minute workout app that I recently downloaded. I am incredibly unfit. I’m surprised I got through the 7 minutes if I’m honest as most of the time was spent running around trying to find a suitable spot to do a wall sit or triceps crunch. It’s going to be my new morning pick me up anyway from now on! Who can’t fit in 7 minutes, right?

THEN WE WENT AND GOT OUR CHRISTMAS TREE WOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOO!!! SO EXCITING!!! We ended up trying IKEA this year as it’s really close and cheaper than normal and we found a beauty! Very bushy, which for our tiny corner in the flat it maybe doesn’t fit right… BUT I DON’T CARE IT’S BUSHY!! I am also not one of those people that decorates the tree pristinely down to each branch. I like a variety of decorations rather than all matching, take a look!


While waiting for the needles to drop a bit, I started decorating the rest of the flat with some lights and ornaments. During this spree I uncovered some very old, suspicious looking lights and gave them a go around my desk. Then I managed to actually burn myself on one of the lights after 2-3 minutes of being turned on. Not trusting them any more, they’re going in the tip! Luckily I have some extra lights that seem much safer and are lighting up my desk nicely!

By far though, my favourite decoration is mine and Luke’s Christmas ornament from last year. Our names are stitched in with the date of our first Christmas together in our own flat. It also smells of Christmas spices and it marks the centrepiece of our tree now.Β I bought this on Etsy if you’re interested.IMG_5756

A great day actually! Lots of stuff got done and it’s beginning to look/smell/sound/feel like Christmas!


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