Day 6 | The wonky tree

I took one look at the kitchen this morning and said to myself ‘breakfast isn’t worth it’. We spent the evening sorting out decorations and playing games so the washing up and masses of Christmas glitter everywhere put me off trying to feed myself. An advent calendar chocolate and an after eight were fine. I got another bunny shaped chocolate (why?!) and a picture of a snowman skiing, somehow…

The messy aftermath

I then sat down with my morning coffee thinking about how I really need to get less addicted to my morning coffee. I also set off on some more university work. To be honest, after this I was getting a bit bored of uni work, especially sat at the same ol’ desk listening to the same ol’ person nattering on about deafness.

Next, I tried this new tikka masala soup for lunch, which was SOOO GOOD! A bit more indulgent than usual but very tasty (from Asda). Back to the Once Upon a Time during lunch and then got to work on cleaning the kitchen. I had been having a stomach ache for most of the day so had already had a nap so felt quite groggy. Cleaning is one of the ways I overcome this usually.

For dinner, we cooked a turkey risotto and added some parmesan cheese as a fancy twist. Parmesan is fancy when you’re students. Annoyingly, I noticed during dinner that our Christmas tree will not stay straight no matter how many times we set it up. I don’t understand why it has such a mind of it’s own?!


I made myself a vodka and coke and settled down for the evening as i’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps today. Feel proud in knowing we have the brightest balcony display in our complex so far! We’re the middle windows.



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