Day 7 | Thanks, blogmas!

The morning started off well! Put on a load of washing, had some porridge for breakfast and tidied up a bit. My advent chocolate was the face of Santa himself with a snow globe picture. Much more in theme with Christmas than  bunnies and ice cream vans!

Then I started preparing our slow cooked chicken tikka masala for tonight by realising our onions were way out of date. Two months to be exact. So I made a not so quick dash to the supermarket to get some more AND picked up a new multi cooker as our measly 1L one barely holds a meal for 2. The queues were pretty mad for a Monday morning, I guess that’s the Christmas season for you. I also grabbed a Costa cappuccino and caramel cookie stack, which were lush. I also bought Luke a caramel cake that he’s been eyeing up lately.

So we finally got started on our curry by frying off some onion, garlic, garam masala, ginger, paprika, tomato purée and some salt. This was all added to the new slow cooker along with some pre-marinated chicken breasts (marinated in yoghurt and the same spices overnight). We finally popped in a can of chopped tomatoes and some veg then stuck it on for a good 6 hours.

I’m a little nervous about this new machine as I now realise that it’s not a dedicated slow cooker, which apparently can mean it doesn’t cook as well. We’re still going to give it a chance anyway, so will let you know how it turns out.

If not we’ll definitely be getting a decent slow cooker one way or another to start making cheaper batch meals. My income is crap right now because of greater recruitment of my event role and thus lack of work. I’m starting to feel the hit of Christmas. Therefore, it’s time to start cutting corners!

After an afternoon of Once Upon a Time and more tidying up, I wrapped up some of the Christmas presents that had arrived from my online shopping spree. I’m not that great at wrapping but I do try to make an effort with ribbons and bows where I can.

The masala ended up tasting more like an upgraded korma with the seemingly masses of cream we added. We vowed to stick to the recipe but I’m not sure that was a good idea in the end… The addition of cumin helped and the chicken turned out amazing but the sauce needed more flavour for me.

The machine worked fine though! Shall be testing it again shortly to make sure it fits the bill.

After dinner I made sure I stuck to my one lecture a day despite being fairly knackered and wrote this blog post! I also read an article by the Guardian (the only paper I will consider taking seriously) on how to overcome SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder that is. I’ve been wondering for a couple years now if I maybe suffer from this although it’s probably just a bit of ‘winter blues’ as the article describes. Nevertheless, winter pick-me-ups are useful for staying on track with life despite the horrible darkened days in the UK. The article suggests routine, exercise and slow releasing carbs can be key to staying on top of things. That doesn’t surprise me as routine has been extremely difficult to maintain at the moment with my ever-changing weekly uni lectures and volunteering.

Weirdly, writing blogmas is helping me stick to a routine. Since starting I’ve stuck to my one lecture a day and nearly caught up with the minimum 2 workouts a week. Albeit 7 minute workouts but it’s a start for me.

So, thanks blogmas!


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