Day 9 | The best festive sandwich ever

Soooo, I didn’t go to uni today… I’m running extremely low on funds and once again didn’t get to sleep until gone 2am. I need to sort out my sleeping pattern desperately.

So I woke up in the late morning time of 10:30am and after a very slow morning I finally had some breakfast at 12pm. I think my meal-time pattern is also messed up… I had some raspberry yoghurt and a sliced apple, living on the edge.

I then got started on some washing up and realised that i’m the only one who seems to ever do the washing up, needs to change I think! I then watched a few videos from a couple of my favourite youtubers (Pewdiepie and Emma Blackery) with my coffee.

I decided to clean out the fridge today as it’s been a while and is fairly empty at the moment – prime time to clean! Luke bought us lunch and I had a festive sandwich! So so thankful for that purchase as it was delicious. It had turkey, stuffing, sausage, spinach and cranberry chutney. I’m a big fan of cranberries so I added some more, which just hit the spot. It was from Morrisons by the way and reminded me so much of boxing day sandwiches, only better somehow.

I then promised to play some more League of Legends with the Scottish lot into the evening.

For dinner, I cooked up a chicken mascarpone pasta dish and added way too much cayenne pepper so it turned out very spicy. Mascarpone and spicy don’t mix that well but it was ok!

I did try to do a lecture but only got part way through, I tried at least. Probably because my body clock is all over the place at the moment. Instead, I went to bed a bit earlier to try and set myself straight.

The advent calendar today? A stocking chocolate and snowy dog. A bit more fitting but so far i’ve only seen 3 different shaped chocolates.

It’s been a rather dull blogmas day today but shall have more to report tomorrow!


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