Day 10 | This is what lunch time dreams are made of

I mixed up my routine a bit this morning to see if I can deal with morning workouts. Still don’t think that’s a good idea! All that happened after a simple 7 minute sweat sesh was I became all hot and bothered for breakfast (despite the cool shower) and felt really achy. Think i’m more of an evening workout person. Whenever I have to do anything in the morning it’s a bad day let’s be honest.

The good thing is I was on track for my day of productivity! I did however, spend a while sat on the internet due to my surprised muscles crying over my poor morning workout decision. Next up, a trip to our supermarket to return that slow cooker. We decided that although it’s got all these fancy settings, it’s best if we have an option for ‘low’ and ‘high’ rather than the option to cook rice. Plus it’s way cheaper to go with a bog standard option.

We spent ages faffing around over lunch and in the end I settled with the almost perfect lunch for me. That delicious festive sandwich, a costa and cookie stack. Being so unhealthy at lunch times lately, but IT’S SO GOOD. Although this time I opted for the Asda sandwich version, which just wasn’t as good making it almost perfect. Trust me, go with Morrisons.


I then decided to spend the whole afternoon playing the Sims 4 after my delight that I could use the game on both my mac and PC. Back in the day you had to buy multiple games to play on both operating systems. I made a geeky genius girl (genius because if only), who instantly fell for another geeky tech whiz. Pretty accurate for my life i’d say bar the genius part. I thus spent the day getting these two characters the jobs of their dreams and spending every other waking moment learning new skills. This is the mindf**k with the sims. You have tonnes of fun making imaginary lives as best as they can be when you could be DOING THAT IN YOUR OWN LIFE.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 20.06.14.png
Watching sims sleep instead of going to bed

I was doing so well in the morning but honestly i’ve been a bit knackered. Damn that morning workout! Gotta place the blame somewhere, right?

As one of my part-time jobs I act as an e-mentor for students in year 12 (17-18 years old) on the Realising Opportunities programme. It’s a great programme that works with leading universities in the UK and bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds to bridge the gap in education. Anything that falls under the belt of widening participation – as they call it – is something i’m extremely passionate about. I’ve been in contact with a handful of biomedical science students over the past year and it was sadly finally time to end our communications. I spent the evening saying my goodbyes and wished them well. I sincerely hope they all find happiness regardless of whether they go to one of the partner universities or not.

I then spent the rest of the evening procrastinating by watching Once Upon a Time and playing the Sims 4. I’m volunteering tomorrow so needed some down time. Let’s say that.


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