Day 12 | De-scale day (fun times)

I woke up way later than I wanted to this morning, I knew I should have set an alarm!

As it was 11am, I had some fancy ol’ brunch instead this morning of eggs and toast mainly because we have masses of eggs and stale bread. Not quite as fancy any more.

I then thought I was going to get into the Sims again by moving my criminal mastermind into the property of the family that run the energy company. Yeah, screw you and your mansion! Go live in a cave! However it was unfurnished so I spent ages sorting out all the furniture only to realise I was alone in this part of the neighbourhood. Even though my guy is a loner and doesn’t like people, he does need others to pick pocket and what not so I got all annoyed and quit.

I didn’t do much, yet again, today really. I de-scaled my coffee machine, which produced some dodgy looking water and replaced a light bulb. Such Β exciting blogging right there.


I also caught up on – yep, you guessed it – some more tidying up and spent way longer than I had planned in the supermarket because this particular shop decides to ignore all reasonable product placement. Let’s have milk and cream in this aisle but just randomly place custard by the frozen peas. Oh also, how about instead of having all the jars of sauce in one place, let’s categorise them by cultural references because no self-respecting Italian person would cook with garam masala. Ever.

It was 4pm by this point and poor Luke hadn’t had lunch so I bought him a pasta pot and myself a snack pot as I had my brunch already. I bought a Moroccan couscous and spicy chicken pot and it was surprisingly nice! I say surprisingly because I’ve never really got on with couscous, it’s ok but I prefer rice. I also had a mango and passion fruit smoothie as it’s the best innocent fruit smoothie there is.Β IMG_5809.jpg

The other half then informed me of this new Harvard University online Fundamentals of Neuroscience course and I was curious. It’s essentially a lot of my first year of university (so, basically everything useful) and recommend giving it a go to anyone remotely curious about how we think. You can even sign into the course with a social media account so it’s super easy! Their benefit? It’s a social experiment so to speak investigating the different methods of educating a diverse audience. So win-win!

For dinner tonight we cooked up our staple turkey risotto with leeks and spinach and my advent calendar was a Christmas pud!


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