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Day 13 | Baking – finally!

Today was weird.

I set myself an alarm today at least! Woo! So I awoke at the prime time of 9:30am with maybe 6-7 hours of sleep. I am a person who has always craved sleep for at least 8 hours, more like 9. Also,Β as I have mentioned, I am a terrible morning person so didn’t feel very chirpy this morning. This is what I get for staying up watching youtube/playing the Sims.

I pretty much assumed my armchair position for the next 2-3 hours trying to wake up. I had my coffee and iced water but they didn’t work. I also cannot shift the taste of bleach in my mouth from not washing my hands after cleaning out the sink last night and biting my nails. DO NOT DO THIS. I will be wearing gloves from now on because this taste is the worst.

I finally dragged myself to the shower and thought I’d have some green tea and sit out on the balcony. I was going to go for a walk but it was fairly cold and the skies looked like they would cry any minute. This actually woke me up, finally! That or the fact it was now gone 3 hours from when I woke up.

Next up, setting up the slow cooker for tonight’s casserole! We cheated a bit and used a packet of herbs to speed things up and chucked in a bunch of veg and chicken.



I then FINALLY made some white chocolate caramel blondies!

First I had to make the caramel sauce by melting down some sugar and then adding unsalted butter and double cream. I love the transformation sugar goes through when making caramel, look at the changes!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 14.57.05.png

It turned out slightly darker than I had hoped but that’s ok, still tastes delicious! I’m going to need some more recipes involving caramel to use all this though.

For the blondies, I combined brown sugar, an egg, vanilla extract, flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, unsalted butter, some of the caramel sauce, white chocolate chips and a pinch of salt.

After layering in a dish, I also decided to sprinkle some more white chocolate chips on top with some caramel sauce for good measure. And then again once baked… This recipe is far from healthy.


Of course I had a taste straight from the oven and it was the yummiest caramel treat I’ve ever had. White chocolate and caramel goes so well together.


In hindsight, I should have used a wider and shallower tin really to get more out of it but that doesn’t take away the amazing taste!

I still felt a bit weird in the afternoon so sat and watched some prime time tele. This happened to be Marly and Me, which of course I bawled my eyes out over. I cannot watch this film, honestly.

I then had a nap at 8pm (bad time for a nap) and shortly after went to bed.

Not really sure what’s up with me today, maybe it was the bleach…


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