Day 15 | Crunch time

Another strange day today. I need to stop these weird sleeping patterns before December becomes a ‘strange month‘. I had good intentions last night by getting to bed before 12am but I ended up spending ages reading to try and tire me out. Even after this I just couldn’t sleep as I just randomly started panicking about money.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not poor or living in poverty, so really there is no need to worry. However, we’ve been living a very carefree lifestyle over the past few months in particular. By that I mean typical conversations like ‘I really can’t be bothered to cook, let’s order take out‘ and ‘I’m really in the mood for a fancy yule log and a bottle of wine‘ kind of crap. Considering my part-time job has pretty much dried up completely and Luke has yet to find one, we can’t keep living like this. In fact, currently we are really feeling the pressure with money over Christmas. Really feeling it.

So there I was at 4am crying over having around Ā£100 left in my account and we’re stupidly (in hindsight) going away for a whole week to Scotland soon. We have no spending money pretty much.

We both pretty much had a breakdown and tried to plan out our budgeting for the next few weeks especially but also lay out a plan for the new year. Luke’s going to find a job and i’m going to try and secure some more tutoring/odd jobs to get by. Moreover, we’re cutting out this crappy take away lifestyle and started shopping at Aldi. If you don’t live in the UK, Aldi is the cheapest supermarket out there. The only cheaper way is to go to markets/grow your own and aint nobody got time/space for that.

We finally went to sleep around 5am and awoke in the morning to watch some Once Upon a Time and chill out. We then did our first Aldi shop and spent less than half what we usually do for a weekly shop. Granted we didn’t buy anything in the way of snacks or cleaning products (we’re all stocked up) but still, it’s made a massive difference so far. The challenge now is to see if we can manage on this for the next few days.

It’s crunch time!

If we can make it, we have a whole week of free food to look forward to at my family’s Christmas shindig. I can almost guarantee we will pig out so hard over Christmas. I’ll try and document the carnage.

The rest of the day was pretty boring as it involved cooking aĀ semi-disappointing pasta with tomato and mushroom sauce and trying to find some better jobs involving care/tutoring/dog sitting, anything really.

We then did a bunch of cleaning in the kitchen together and played some League of Legends.

In the spirit of trying to reset my body clock, I managed to hit the hay at 1am but let’s see how long it takes for me to get to sleep…


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