Day 16 | Cry me a river

I woke up at 10am today WOOOOO, getting there!

Although I did then spend the morning on Youtube… Oh well, it’s a start!

To be honest, i’m not in the best of moods as my tinnitus is being an absolutely b***h so far today.

I have pulsatile tinnitus, which is where you hear a whooshing sound in your ear every time blood passes through a nearby blood vessel. Which is often… It’s the most infuriating thing i’ve ever had to live with and it’s one of those things where nobody really know anything about it. There is the occasional tumor or kink in the blood vessel anatomy but i’ve had all the scans and it’s none of that (thankfully as that would mean brain surgery). So I get dumped with the other 30% who never find a definitive cause for it.

The theory is that the reason they can’t find anything is down to changes in blood vessel integrity or blood flow (due toΒ weight gain). This makes a lot of sense in my case, so that’s probably what it is. You would think this gives me even more incentive to drop the pounds, right? Ahh if only life was that black and white.

I’m a bit of a weird case anyway as i’ve never had high blood pressure and am currently taking migraine medication that also reduces blood pressure as a side effect. Linking weight gain to this would theoretically alter the blood pressure, which hasn’t happened to me so who knows!! To be honest, there seems to be a lot of ‘weird cases‘ with pulsatile tinnitus – we all seem to have unique experiences.

It eventually subsided as always, so I could get cracking with the day! I tidied up as usual and carried on with trying to secure some tutoring work online as well as sorting out other uni related paper work. Boring stuff.

I had one of our new cheap buys for lunch – butternut squash soup, which was fine. I then spent the afternoon catching up with some uni work and then crying over money again for no bloody reason. I think the stress of final year is finally catching up with me. Thankfully my dad called up as if by magic to reassure me that everything is fine and he’s visiting on the weekend to help ease the stress. Good times ahead! This also means that we can look forward to a crazy dinner out somewhere instead of our cheap food, hoorah!

I cooked up a vegetable stir fry with black bean sauce for dinner which I was pleasantly surprised with!

My evening consisted of watching some Once Upon a Time, cleaning out our bins and planning my day for tomorrow.

I’m actually finishing off this post on my phone in bed so I am literally about to head off at 12am! Getting back into a bedtime routine finally.

My bedtime routine!



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