Day 17 | “You’re such a teacher”

Starting to get back into the swing of things now. I started the day with breakfast followed by some statistics, what a way to wake you up ey?

After some typical youtubing and more organising uni stuff it was time for lunchย where I had eggs on toast! I was all ready to go shopping when Luke showed up out of bed at 1pm to say he’d rather go tomorrow. UGH!

So we got cracking on our slow cooked chicken tikka masala for dinner tonight instead. Some more christmas prezzies showed up today as well, which I wrapped up all ready to go. I also received my welcome letter from the University of South Wales, which was exciting stuff! Although, quite early for a course i’ll become enrolled on next June.

To accompany this, my TeachFirst officer gave me a call to check up on things. They do this every couple of months, basically in case you’re having cold feet. We had a conversation about what i’m up to and reminding me about the ‘participant preparation work‘ I need to do in the new year. It’s a more formal version of the volunteering i’m currently doing. Apparently i’m very organised and my officer told me “you’re such a teacher already”, which is good to know i’m on the right track!

We then added less cream than last time to our tikka masala and it was much nicer – less like a korma. I still think we need to tweak it a bit by upping the paprika levels and swapping cream for coconut milk maybe. We like to experiment.

I settled down for the evening with some League of Legends, planned out my next day and played the new pokemon picross game on the ds! I LOVE PICROSS!!

Not gonna lie, i’m getting a bit sick of the flat at the moment. Was desperate for a day out but that will have to be tomorrow now!


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