Day 18 | Apparently, my laugh is infectious

We finally went shopping! Yay!!

Despite not properly getting to sleep until 5am last night (I guarantee that’s because of my 8pm nap) I was determined to get out of the flat for the day. We just about got into the car park around lunch time thankfully because some early morning shoppers were leaving and headed straight for a cup of coffee. We then had a gander around some shops to get ideas for each other’s last minute gifts.

Next’s men’s Christmas jumpers outdo the ladies selection

After this we spent over an hour in Lush! This involved me getting chummy with one of the employees by trying out god knows how many products from shampoos to shower jellies while Luke watched. I really really really love Lush. For someone who rarely puts on make up, that says a lot for a beauty chain. The smells are the number 1 reason but also the feel of the products and general enthusiastic atmosphere is quite rare these days. It doesn’t hurt when the employees say how infectious your laugh is and how I apparently demonstrated over 5 different laughs while there. I’m a bubbly person, ok.


While I was enjoying myself, I forgot that Luke hadn’t eaten all day so we quickly dashedย off to a nearby Burger King for him. I had bought a cookie stack with my coffee so I was set for lunch. God forbid when those departย the Costa cafes. Then we made an essential stop off at Card Warehouse to stock up on the Christmas cards that we needed. I may try and make my own next year but this shop is a great easy alternative where you don’t have to break the bank.

On the way home I made sure to send off some last minute Christmas cards as the second class postal deadline in the UK is tomorrow (GET ON IT PEOPLE, 1st class is the 22nd!). I was then quite hungry by 6pm and as my feet were aching from all that energetic Lush testing, I stuck a freezer pizza on the go. It was a veggie thin crust pizza, so stop judging now.

I felt a bit inspired from my trip to lush to sort out my make up bags as they’re in need of a clean out and a spruce up really. That will be my January shopping goal! Sort out my makeup! I’m sure i’ll get lots of inspiration from the mass of blogs dedicated to beauty so feel free to drop me any recommendations or tips for a novice.


This is the crap that failed to pass the following tests:

  • Can you actually get anything out of it? (ie. has it dried out?)
  • Does it smell healthy?
  • Does it look healthy?


This is by no means slating these products, it’s just the stuff that doesn’t survive over 3-4 years, which is very reasonable! In fact, it instills more faith for me that this stuff didn’t survive as god knows what you would need to put in it to make it survive that long…

However, special mention goes to these two absolutely rubbish products by ‘Eyes. Lips. Face’, which I remember being awful when I stupidly bought them a year or two ago and are still awful. I teamed up with my university friend to buy online in bulk when they had a sale and what a massive mistake it was. This ‘tinted moisturiser‘ is barely tinted when you apply it and itย smears everywhere. I’d sooner have my CC cream, thanks. Also, their liquid eyeliner is abysmal. When I applied it, it would not dry equally at all. It seemed to clump up and leave areas where I could literally see through the eyeliner. It’s black. That shouldn’t happen. I even applied a second coat which did the exact same thing. Useless.


The only saving grace was their eyebrow brush (how can you go wrong with that?) and their mascara, which has survived and actually does a pretty alright job. Although, even that is fairly weak and better for my lower lashes than the top.

To be honest, i’m no expert and maybe this works for some people; but even as a novice i’m pretty sure this company is a bit hit or miss. It’s worth bearing in mind that they are cheap as chips, so I guess they can maybe be forgiven. Not really though.

I then thought twice about the washing up and settled down with some evening tele instead with the other half.

Then it was off to bed to try and get some sleep this time round!




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