Day 19 | Last minute christmas shopping!

So I tried to battle through my insomnia last night and managed to get a grand total of 2 hours sleep by 9am. I didn’t get up in the night to try to make myself sleepier this time, which I don’t think helped at all.


Despite this, I knew that nothing was stopping me from spending the day with my best blogging pally at the Cardiff Christmas market! I picked her up at the train station at around 10am and we made our way up the seemingly endless multi storey car park. By 10:30am there were only half of the spaces left for the day. Crazy.

The skies opened up to rain on our parade quite a few times during the day but pffffffffft! I’m just glad I didn’t wear makeup today!

We covered quite a lot of ground considering how huge the shopping centre is in Cardiff including the backstreet arcades where we found a cute bric-a-brac shop called Scribbler. There were some quirky blogging related items that I had to share with you.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.34.25.png

And then a very rude but hilarious magnetic rendition of a periodic table, which I would have considered if it wasn’t £12.


I also picked up a really cute present for Luke that I have since decided to omit from this post as he caught me editing some photos just now and i’m concerned he’ll try and read this later… NO, LUKE, NOT FOR YOU!

Continuing this story… We then had a gander around the Christmas Market and started feeling a bit more festive!

Fiery german sausages!

We decided on some stuffing and roast turkey/pork baguettes for lunch with the addition of cranberry sauce for me, of course!


For me, these beauties are the best part of a Christmas market.

We obviously had to take a trip to our Lush, which was crazy busy and we barely fit into the shop floor let alone have another lengthy conversation with a friendly member of staff. I ended up walking out with the Santa’s Belly shower jelly this time, which I plan on using tomorrow morning! It smells of christmas fruits including apples and oranges with the addition of wine! If only there were cranberries…


I picked up a selection of cheeses for my gramps (grandad in normal terms) and jasmine tea for my dad. I also bought myself some other herbal teas to try that I had smelled before and can’t seem to get over. Chocolate tea?! I tried a cup of ‘Christmas green leaf’ and ‘Mixed red berry infusion’, which were both the best herbal teas I have ever tried! So far, so good! I will definitely be going back for more from this place – Delicia teas (they also do cakes!)


I also nabbed a super cute ‘Mr Tea‘ infuser as this was all loose tea and I may have neglected my lack of an infuser. He looks quite content creating the perfect brew for me in my chalkboard mug.

I pitty the fool who doesn’t drink tea!

I had another frozen pizza for dinner as my feet killed and the washing up had yet to be done. Oops. I have also been shattered all evening, which hopefully means i’ll sleep tonight!

I then tried out the ‘Chocolate tea’ while watching the Hobbit on the tele. I love J.R.R Tolkein. The Silmarillion was the only thing on my Christmas list this year! I haven’t made my mind up about the chocolate tea yet! It’s fairly bland with this really distant dark chocolate flavour. I think I like it but not as much as the stronger flavours of the other two so far.

I would have gone to sleep at 9pm but Luke kept trying to use this ‘Speech Jammer’ software on us to get us to mess up when talking. It’s hard to explain so check out this Christmas special of Good Mythical Morning trying it out while telling Christmas tales.


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