Day 21 | Santa = Yoda?

We went to see the new Star Wars film last night as my dad and Luke are big fans. It was good! It seemed very in theme and as geeky as the other films (not complaining!). I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to give away anything…

Special mention goes to the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff for their epic Christmas light crossover of Santa riding a reindeer and clutching onto a light saber ready to fight off the first order.

Where did he get Yoda’s saber from?!

We had gone out for a meal beforehand and the mixture of insomnia, alcohol and a fully belly made me feel so tired. I’m a sucker for falling asleep during films so I had a cappuccino, which kept me up long enough to watch it all. Unfortunately, this kept me up for a long while into the night. You’ll be happy to hear though that I slept way better than usual. Granted it was still a 3am bedtime but I actually slept until 10:30am! The only difference was cutting out all screens for a while before bedtime, maybe that’s what I need to do.

In the morning I started working on some chores such as cleaning out my tassimo machine AGAIN as the lid locked up last time for days. I then sat down for breakfast and a caramel latte while watching James and the Giant Peach. I do love the Christmas tele.

When Luke was ready, I then dropped him off in the chaos that is the city centre right now because he has yet to start ANY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. He is mad. I couldn’t do it all in that madness. There was probably no parking for a good 3-5 mile radius around the shopping centre hence why I have been a taxi today.

I then planned to have a cuppa at my local Costa and read some blogmas posts but my phone randomly died with 15% battery so I sat there eavesdropping on people’s lives instead. That’s what happens when you don’t have technological distractions. Unfortunately, this also meant no festive photos for you today!

I had a wander around a couple of the shops in a retail park to pass the time but quickly got out of there as it was the usual Christmas chaos that are shops at this time of year. Meanwhile, Luke finally got a haircut in time for Christmas, but it took him over 2 hours just to get it done that he barely had time for any shopping, bless. Looks like it will be another mad rush to town tomorrow too!

I tried to be a bit more productive today and as proof, look at this to-do list that’s all been ticked off!!


I’ve also started getting things ready for the trip down to Devon for Christmas today so it’s not all one big rush later on. I am too organised for my own good sometimes!

As I haven’t done an advent calendar update in a while, here goes! I had a christmas pudding shaped chocolate and a picture of The Snowman flying through a blizzard. Fun times!


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