Day 22 | Comfort food

Today is the beginning of pure indulgence. Think of it as the calm before the storm that will be 2016.

As I was out of fruit for breakfast I went in the total opposite direction and had 4 nutella pancakes. Oh yeah, 4 of these bad boys.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 19.03.36.png

I then spent way too long in the morning on Youtube and taxi’d Luke to the city centre again. This time I decided as there was some parking to join him instead. Well, we separated for most of it so he could finish off some shopping. However we did both get another turkey baguette from the carvery in the market. I’m so sad that I didn’t make the most of these throughout December but I guess that’s probably a good thing for my funds… Luke tried out the pork roll version, which apparently was equally as yummy. Cranberry and turkey all the way though.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 19.06.34.png

Annoyingly, it was tipping it down for the most part and if you wear glasses daily you’ll understand the extra irritation from constant raindrops clogging your view. Umbrellas are the best in these circumstances but it was a shame mine broke today so I was working with a half limp version.


When we eventually battled through the rain and got home we had some chill out time with some prime time tele and tried out the special coke bottle we’ve been saving.


As it would go flat quite quickly, I thought i’d complete my indulgent day with a vodka and coke!

I then started on the list of chores I have to do by bedtime in order to be remotely prepared for our day of travelling tomorrow. From packing to cleaning, the evening was full of festivities and really got me in the mood for Christmas!


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