Day 23 | Christmas eve eve panto and lights!

At the ripe time of 8am we emerged from our comfy beds ready to tackle the day of driving home for Christmas.

I had everything packed and tidied ready to rock and roll unlike the boyfriend who had left everything until the morning. Typical.

After packing up WHAT WE THOUGHT was all of our luggage we set off with a McDonalds breakfast and Costa for me. Halfway through I mentioned that I didn’t remember putting Luke’s presents in the car (he was in charge of bringing everything downstairs) and he suggested pulling over to check but as he assured me he had seen it I assumed all was fine and didn’t bother. Oh, what a mistake this was. It wasn’t until we were visiting Luke’s mum that we realised Luke had forgotten all of his own presents for Christmas. What a numpty.

We also couldn’t drive back then and there as the 5+ hour drive would have caused us to be late for the Christmas panto we had booked in Devon as a family. Great…

Nevertheless, we carried on as planned with the hope that we could take the longer drive back on Christmas eve instead. His Christmas would be ruined without them, let’s be honest.

We spent some time in North Devon catching up with the family (especially my 10 year old cousin) and admiring my gran’s Christmas decor.


It was then time for the pantomime. Apparently, pantomimes are a very british thing and the only way I can think of describing it is a mix between a theatre production of a fairytale with a bunch of slapdash comedy and recent news-type-jokes sewn into the storyline in the most obscure way possible. For instance, a short sketch about a mobile phone interrupting the performance included ringtones from Adele – Hello and Drake – Hotline Bling. Hilarious AND relevant!

I was in a pantomime society for around 9 years throughout my childhood and the people in that group kept me going through some tough times during my teen years. In fact, we’ve all supported each other in a variety of ways over the years and beyond panto. I was obviously in an amateur panto for fun but some people were amazing at drama production and have gone on to study/work in the industry.

The panto we went to see tonight was a much more professional rendition of Cinderella with a much higher caliber of acting/singing. It was a really great performance by North Devon Theatres, although i’ll always love the amateur pantos the most as they’re way funnier.


Oh and I also go all out for panto (because when I was in panto, these are the people that we all loved the most) so I wore a completely festive outfit including holly earrings, my light up Christmas jumper, that turkey hat and some Christmas tree glasses. Oh yeah. The looks that I got.


Afterwards, we had some dinner at a local fish and chippy, which was really nicely festively decorated and tasted good! Not the BEST ever but good for the cheap price at least.


I then convinced my cousin, gran and Luke to drive us around the area looking for Christmas lights! I love doing this as it used to be a yearly tradition when I was growing up.

I managed to grab a few half-decent photos whilst in a moving car so bear with me on that front…




However, the prize for the best Christmas lights i’ve seen this year goes to this beauty!




IMG_5950 (1).jpg

We’ve been visiting this house for years. The lady basically does it all for a local children’s charity and people travel from all around South West England to see this in all it’s glory. There even used to be a makeshift garage Santa’s grotto!

Unfortunately, her husband died a couple years ago who put up all the decorations and naturally she didn’t feel like carrying on with it for a couple years. However, this year it’s back, just as amazing as ever and i’m glad she’s continuing the tradition despite everything.

After the very long journey back, I read a quick bedtime story for my cousin and headed off to nod-land myself as I was shattered from a day of basically travelling around, eating and watching panto.



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