I’m such a kid.

So today was a lovely day of festive fun!

It started with coffee and chill out time with my dad and old folks in the morning, which was really nice to catch up over. I even have my own mug here now, which is suitingly a red dragon symbol from the Welsh flag!


Then the craziness that is my 10 year old energy-filled cousin made an appearance. Ah, I do love him to bits. We ended up checking out the Google Santa Tracker, which is the best thing i’ve seen all year long.

It is such a step up for the usual trackers I’ve seen in previous years. Obviously you type in your address so that santa doesn’t arrive in your location unexpectedly and conveniently has seen most of the world other than Europe so far…

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 21.49.03.png

EVERYTHING is interactive including the timeline down the right-hand side of the screen. Here, you can track how many presents have been delivered (currently over 4 million), where Santa is off to next, WHEN he will be arriving and even some facts and games about the festivities around the world! Most of the quiz questions are annoyingly about USA culture but I’ll forgive the american-based company that is Google for that.

It seemed for a while that every 30 seconds included an update with either a photo, animation, game or fun fact but after a while things got repeated. Some of the games included a festive where’s wally, a weird hybrid flappy bird elf game, a colouring game and a make your own elf band game. My 10 year old cousin fell in love with it and has been on and off of my laptop all day to check up on our festive friends. All the way up until bed time! The festive cheery music was enough to keep me going too!

We had some random nibbles for lunch in the true Christmas spirit and I then painted my nails a festive red with some white Barry M instant nail effects on top. I love doing this at Christmas as it reminds me of snowed in windows with festive colours on the inside.


My cousin was fascinated by watching the change happen on my nails. Apparently not enough to convince him to let me paint his nails though…

We then played the Logo board game, which for the most part went well but my gran is massively competitive but also wants the youngest to win. So it ends up with everyone accusing each other of cheating and over the past couple years in particular this has gotten a bit silly really. Considering i’ve bought a bunch of games for tomorrow, I hope this trend doesn’t continue.

We then had another ginormous meal, which was a chinese takeaway that is soon becoming a Christmas eve tradition. I understand it as the household’s are usually crazy with preparing Christmas dinner that there’s no time or space to faff around with dinner for Christmas eve.

After dinner we tried another game of the Logo board game in pairs to ease the tension. However, we put together my grandparents in a team, which just made things so much worse. Why did we do this to ourselves?! Maybe we’ll give it another shot tomorrow with some mixed teams instead.

The evening is looking to be a mixture of watching Christmas TV and getting merry!

Merry Christmas everyone!



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