The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins | Book review


Why haven’t you read this book yet?

I’m not usually the type to read a book within 2 days but I made an exception with this.

You know that cliche line of ‘I wasn’t able to put this book down‘? Yeah, this is one of those. So much so that a quote of that exact line is printed on the blurb.


Another thing worth noting on the blurb is that Stephen King, the father of epic horror writing (in my eyes), said it kept him up at night. I was pretty much convinced by that alone.

To my delight, the other half remembered my ongoing pleas and bought it for me to unwrap on Christmas. I also got ‘The Silmarillion’, but I thought this one was shorter and easier to procrastinate exam revision with.

So, I procrastinated for a grant total of 2 days, maybe 5 hours in total, which I have realised is good going for 320 pages… I hope…

Anyway, this is supposed to be a review!!

So the story is written in 1st person, which stands out for me straight away as writing in that style can either go horribly wrong or brilliantly right. Thankfully this takes on the latter.

It’s written in a diary-esque style with the main character being Rachel, a recently unemployed, divorced alcoholic. Not doing too good. However, this diary writing carried on from different character’s perspectives around similar times so you have to try and piece together the story from all the information you get from different passages. It’s a really interesting writing technique and kept me hooked for hours.

Not only is the writing style unique and engaging, the plot is also really juicy and keeps you guessing. As it is a thriller, you can assume there is some mystery murder to be solved in this book. I found myself constantly switching between pointing the finger at each character, which is always a good sign for a great thriller novel.

There were many moments where I thought I was lost in the different perspectives and wondered if the main character was going through some weird psychosis where ‘it was all a dream‘. Thankfully this wasn’t the case. Nonetheless the ending was great and I didn’t even have to go on Wikipedia to investigate the plot afterwards. Yes. Sometimes I get that lost with these books.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, take Hollywood’s word, as they’re making a film out of it in the USA! They’ve cast Emily Blunt as Rachel, which I totally agree with and Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennet, Luke Evans and Justin Theroux as Anna, Megan, Scott and Tom respectfully. I think they’ve done a really good job with it comparing them with my imagination and I hope the film is equally as good. Considering this is a number one bestseller, i’m sure they’ll do it justice.

So far, the word is even Emily Blunt lost sleep over her role as Rachel. Apparently her 22 month old baby is even scared of her altered image on the film set, bless!

Overall, this book is great for those that don’t read that often and are looking for something impactful that will sustain that craving for a good read for a while. It’s also a staple read for any mystery/horror/thriller reader but I also think is a great introduction to the genre.

Paula has done a fantasticΒ job considering this is her first thriller and I hope she continues to write within this genre as I would definitely pick up another one!


I am desperate to natter about this book as it’s so gripping but i’m trying not to spoil the upcoming film for those around me so I guess i’ll have to wait until late 2016 to share my enthusiasm with other non-readers. Sigh.


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