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Resolution is a word to describe the commitment or determination to stick to a decision. Kind of like loyalty.

I’ve mentioned before that I tend to set myself very vague, generalistic resolutions each year. These work ok and for the most part I do well with them. However, it’s near impossible to be truly happy or lose wightΒ every single day of the year, surely? So I end up feeling like i’ve failed somehow every year.

After a row over family commitments a few days ago, I took a step back from it and chilled out over some music, like I do. I start out with calming music and move onto feelgood stuff. It’s a good remedy.

I got thinking of resolutions and how “I should really try to be less of a control freak” as basically our argument revolved around plans I had made with my family for weeks and how we should alter them for a last minute visit. I had been predicting this would happen since I had mentioned these plans and how SOMEONE had yet to even contact their family about Christmas. But you know, 3 days before Christmas is the time to do it…

Anyway, I had a chuckle to myself over making yet another vague-ass resolution for 2016. Be less controlling. Let’s be clear, I wouldn’t say I like to control others at all. In fact, I hate being the centre of attention in that way. It’s me that I like to keep in check 24/7. What I have to come to terms with is that when you’re in a relationship, you’re a team from then on. Sometimes you both have to make sacrifices to blend and work together. I just need to let go a bit, I think. Luke should probably also get a bit more organised too, just to even the playing field, you know.

So I figured it’s time to make some simpler and manageable changes for 2016 rather than jumping on that oh so easy ‘be happier‘, ‘study more‘, ‘get thin‘ because none of those statements have an end point. So how are you ever supposed to keep up that motivation and determination?

Let’s get going on my grand to do list/resolutions for 2016:

  • Graduate from university
    • This is easy, it will happen regardless so it’s a good one to include
  • Buy a plant and keep it alive for at least 6 months
    • You can do this
  • One hour of Uni work a day 5 times a week minimum (until exams)
  • Secure a part-time job

    • And don’t let it take over
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Try out swimming in the mornings
    • Maybe that can combine routine exercise with a morning wash?
  • Do a 30 minute gym session at least once a week
  • Do a 7 minute workout at least 3 times a week
  • Drop alcohol for 40 days
    • I did this with chocolate last year and really like giving something up for a while. You realise how dependant you are on crap.

That’s it for now! I think New Years resolutions are a great yearly reset on your life goals but I understand that goals need updating. I may find that I complete some of these early or they need adjusting and that’s A-OK so long as I stay on track.

That’s the idea this year, get back to my old self who got shit done. Just taking the baby steps first.


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