Rain, rain don’t go away

I grew up in South West England, in a county known for farms and cider. Somerset.

I didn’t realise until I started visiting the rest of the UK in my late childhood how much warmer it was in Somerset compared to North England or even just over the pond to Wales, where I am now! Temperatures usually stayed above 0°C in the winter and into the 20’s in the summer. The only downside to this is we rarely saw snow but then you could always travel for that!

I chose the nearest university I could for many reasons, although mainly for the gift of sending back my laundry and I didn’t stray too far from the warmer temperatures. I was surprised by how much more rain I saw in Bristol than in Somerset. And then, upon moving to South Wales, all of the rain before seemed like drizzle compared to this.

We moved to Cardiff in the summer when it was well into the late teens and sometimes even nearer 30°C! The annoyance was I missed a lot of it because of my boring dissertation writing (I even wrote a post about how rubbish it was). The next thing I knew it was October and Wales showed me just how much rain it could throw at me. A lot.

rainy wales.jpg
You cannot even see the outline of Wales here (BBC news)

Wales has some pretty epic mountain ranges (Snowdonia and the Breccon Beacons) with a lot of coastal areas. Around half of the population live on the outskirts, hence why I live in a Bay too. As a result, the weather is bound to be more cloudy, rainy and windy.

What’s weird is that i’m really loving it. I’m loving all this rain and clouds and sometimes even the wind, which I have never enjoyed. To me, it’s just a massive ironic joke that the weather is so bad because the people here in Wales are the nicest I have ever met on the whole. No matter how much it rains people always stay happy and don’t let it bother them. It’s that kind of resilience that people bang on about in Welsh people and I love it.

Having recently visited Scotland where rain is just as familiar, it’s still not as good as Welsh rain. When it rains elsewhere, people seem annoyed and bitter even when it’s as common as Wales. Maybe it’s just the Welsh that are happier people…

I truly hope that we at least live in Wales for a long time, maybe we’ll even settle here depending on how our lives pan out. Luke is still hell bent on not becoming Welsh, especially our future children, which I tease him about.

For now though, we’re both loving it here; even the rain!

rain wales.jpg
Porthcawl, South Wales

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