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Lush haul madness

I walked in to get a top up of the Needles and Pines shower jelly that I have nearly used up since Christmas. I got chatting as usual and ended up spending £35 on a bunch of lush goodies!

This is why they pester you, for people like me that fall for it.

So welcome to my first (i’m sure of many) Lush hauls! After all, I may as well get as much use as possible from this collection by spreading the Lush love online…



If you’re wondering what the centre piece is all about, Lush recently started offering spa days! After browsing i’m seriously considering a joint Validation Facial with Luke for Valentines day. Right up his street… Kind of… Not at all really but PFFT.


So let’s start with what I went into the shop for. Needles and Pines shower jelly! If you remember, I was gifted this by Luke for Christmas and my god do I love it. So much so that I have about a third of a tub left already! I was so scared that they may be limited edition that I rushed in to buy some more and was assured they’re staying put for now – phew! I love the jellies so much. I don’t freeze them or cut them up like some people do. I simply grab it all as it is and scrub it about and before you ask yes I drop it frequently.

If I had to describe the scent of Needles and Pines, I would say it’s kind of like freshly mown grass with a hint of lemon, lime and mint. Basically, if you like Whoosh, like I did for years, then this is a step up from that (and that’s saying something!).


Now, I was a bit sceptical about this Veganese hair conditioner. Not that Lush has ever let me down but I can barely smell anything from the bottle, which is weird of a Lush product, right? I can smell something milky/creamy and possibly a hint of lemon but that’s probably because the employee told me it was in there… Somewhere… I was told this would go well with my I Love Juicy shampoo that I am in love with and it did more or less! That lemony fresh scent came through after the shower and went with my shampoo better than anything else I have found.

However I feel that this is a bit too moisturising for my hair as it’s gone slightly heavy and maybe even greasy. Considering I was recommended this product due to my greasy hair I find it a bit confusing… Maybe I have weird hair! Nonetheless i’m still going to try this out a few more times to make sure as everyone other than me raves about it.



Next up is the Outback Mate soap. I’m new to the soap game and wanted something new for our bathroom sink (rather than in the shower). After being thoroughly disappointed that the Reindeer Rock was limited edition (clearly…) I set out to find something else and was not disappointed by this in the slightest.

It smells like a blend between citrus and mint, which  makes sense as the two main ingredients are lemongrass and peppermint oil. It’s a really soothing soap and I just can’t get enough of the smell that it leaves on my hands.

I have however learnt my lesson to spend crazy money when Lush bring out limited edition products as they will definitely be gone for a while.


Bath time!

I am a Twilight virgin. Luke managed to mistake this for a lush pud bomb when Christmas shopping? Somehow? I’ll forgive him as he left shopping until the 23rd and apparently the shop was mental.

Nevertheless I have yet to try this famous Twilight bath bomb out and i’m seriously looking forward to completely submerging myself in sweet liquid lavender.


I’m very curious about the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb. It smells very citrus-y all round but now that I read the ingredients I can envision the Jasmine as well. I was told this is quite the colourful bomb, hence the curiosity… It’s white with a few specs? Apparently there’s also a bunch of petals inside, which will be fun. We shall see! The citrus smell is right up my street anyway – not Luke’s though apparently.


Going back to the note of paying attention to limited edition products, I decided to try out the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, which is a Valentines special. This one is strange because I swear I smelled lavender in this in the shop but can’t seem to detect much now… There seems to be this odd sweet smell that is most likely the Ylang Ylang as it’s the only smell I don’t really know of. Instagram seems to have gone mental for this so far anyway so it must be great!


I was drawn to this little cutie from halfway across the shop floor. Look at it! It’s suitably named the Floating Island Melt and is one of those £2 miniature bath melts/oils. I was pulled into these suckers by the cheaper price and promise for silky smooth bathtimes. This particular oil smells like Milky Bar chocolate. If you don’t know what that is it’s basically really creamy white chocolate. That or vanilla cupcake icing, whatever you like best.

I can’t wait to smell like cupcakes!


After giggling hysterically at the cute little island melt, I was immediately fascinated by this pink glittery ball in the corner of my eye. It’s the Razzle Dazzle bath melt of course!  It smells very bubblegum-y but more like a vimto bubblegum if that’s possible? I guess in that way it reminds me a bit of the comforter smell. It’s also got this slight raspberry grip on me that I can’t shake yet I know there is no actual raspberry in here. It’s driving me mad!

By the looks of it this little ball packs a punch and will also turn my bath water bright glittery pink, which i’m hoping won’t stain…


Do you like Lush’s bubblegum lip scrub? If yes, you’ll love this bath time alternative! The Melting Marshmallow smells exactly like bubblegum and feels extremely silky smooth!


I’m crazy excited to try all of these new bath time magicians out and probably buy a massive stock of anything that I love that is limited edition.

I am beginning to understand the ways of the Lushie now.

IMG_6118 (1).jpg


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