New years resolutions update

January is finally over and i’m now into the second week of the second month… Time to catch up with all those resolutions I made just over a month ago now!

IMG_6301 (1)

I am so so motivated to ‘get s**t done‘ this year. I have even made an artsy version of my resolutions, which is my background for all my devices and I also have a printed and mounted version that lives on my desk to make sure I don’t stray from them. It looks so pretty…


First is graduation, which will happen regardless later in the year. All on track so far for that one! We’re starting off well!

Next up was keeping a plant alive for 6 months and I can confirm we are 1 month in and my shrub, which I am now naming Boris is alive, healthy and growing!!! I got a bit cocky and bought a couple more flowery plants that are slowly dying already so i’m starting to think our balcony just can’t hack weaklings like flowers. My ivy is also going strong in my bulbasaur planter along with Boris!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 23.14.23.png

1 hour of uni work 5 times a week on the other hand has not stuck at all. This is partly because I burnt out in January from working solidly on my essay and then took a week off as a personal treat. The last two weeks have been really busy for me as well (which I shall go on to) so the uni work has taken a bit of a back seat. Having said that, the last 3 days I have stuck to this and will continue to work on this one some more.

In some ways I have already managed to get a job. I am technically enrolled on the Teach First programme after all, which starts in September BUT when I wrote this I had a part-time job in mind. As a lot of the part-time work was scarce when I started looking I signed up to a few tutoring websites. I thought I would get a heads up on my future teaching career and I have surprisingly managed to secure a couple regulars already! This means that i’m getting to the point where i’m earning just as much money as I would with a regular part-time job for a third of the hours whilst preparing for actual teaching! The January exam season meant I had a lot of work in a short space so I became very busy. I’m enjoying it so much and my tutees seem to want to continue with me. I must be doing something right! It’s a winwinwin situation really so if I can get another couple regulars going I will consider this goal met.

Despite my busy past two weeks I have been managing to blog at least once a week so far. I’m surprised that i’ve managed to keep to this one but I was lucky that I had a few posts in draft mode ready to go while I was off being busy. I’m pretty sure i’m out of the honeymoon blogging period and into the meaty/beefy/learning phase now, which is exciting! I never thought i’d enjoy it as much as I have been and I honestly love the support network here so much (thank you all for continuing to read my ramblings).

Gym session once a week… Heh… Not so much. I have yet to go back to the gym this year… 7 minute workout 3 times a week either? Nope… But then can you really expect me to do all of these resolutions in one go? In my defence I am getting there. I’m trying to get my diet completely set before I tackle the hardship that will be exercise. I’ve dumped bread and changed my eating habits to get back to how I used to eat – conscientiously. I’m pretty much there with breakfast, lunch and snacks but need to tackle dinners next. Adding more veg and reducing the carbs is how i’m gradually getting over that mountain but it takes time. In the past I have yo-yo’d so hard when it comes to losing weight so I want to make sure i’m ready for the hard bit by dealing with food now rather than later alongside exercise too (where I tend to fall and binge).


I haven’t dropped alcohol/meat for 40 days yet but it is still on the agenda. I have however cut down massively on both so when I do get round to doing this it will be easier for me. The only time I abandon my rules is when I go out for a meal or for a family occasion and I don’t care about that!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 23.16.39.png
Can you really resist food like this?

So I did try out morning swimming and i’m not sure if it’s for me really. I loved the swimming part and think it will definitely have a place in my future exercise regime but not in the mornings. You may have noticed from previous posts that I do not get on with mornings. I thought swimming would be good as it’s exercising in water, which are both wake up mechanisms! Unfortunately I just found that the chlorine just made me sleepy and restless for the rest of the day. I’m still looking for a good morning wake-me-up routine but so far i’m still reliant on a cup of coffee and a shower.

All in all i’m staying on track with most of these resolutions and i’m really chuffed with myself! So far i’m much preferring the more goal driven resolutions compared with the flimsy generalisations like i’m used to. I actually feel more motivated to ‘get s**t done‘ because I can mentally check it off of my list. Especially when that list is always on my mind being on my device wallpapers and on my desk.

Did you make any 2016 resolutions?

How are you doing with them?

Let me know in the comments! 


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