Lush workshop

After noticing my local Lush shop advertising an hour long workshop this week where you get to make your very own Big Blue bath bomb I jumped at the chance and booked a session!

I really didn’t know what to expect other than “a shop tour, games and making your own bath bomb”. Annoyingly I was 5 minutes late (horrible unexpected half-term traffic) so I missed a Sunnyside bubble bar demo but got straight in with the second part of the workshop, which was the DIY part!

So we were given a standard plastic bomb mould (which will be useful in future bath bomb DIY projects) and instructed to place a pinch of the  white bicarb mixture on the bottom of the mould, followed by some coarse sea salt and then a bunch of blue seaweed bomb mixture! It was really good fun, especially when you had to smash together the two halves of the mould to form the classic ball form.


We were told to leave it for 24 hours like this before you can remove it from the mould and use it so that it has chance to set. The smell of the fresh seaweed bicarb mixture and sea salt was amazing though.

Next up we headed back to the beginning and started on our shop tour. As you can imagine, i’m becoming a regular at this shop so I know my way around but for a couple others in the group it was their first time! Plus, this tour was spruced up with a few games along the way.

Firstly, we had a demo of the Frozen bath bomb coupled with a Green bubbleroon. I’m not a big Frozen fan (love the film though) but the Green bubbleroon is on my list of future buys and it went surprisingly well with Frozen! I’ve seen such mad ‘Lush cocktails‘ online but have never tried them. I am very tempted after today though to start experimenting with my favourites.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 19.55.05.png

Next up we tried out the solid shampoos (something I’ve never been sold on) with a twist! As there were four of us, we paired up to compete over who could lather up the most with a solid shampoo. Myself and another teenage girl were given Seanik that just turned to mush in our hands… The two younger girls had Godiva which seemed to work a charm.


We then tried out the Rosy Cheeks and Don’t Look At Me face masks on our hands, which was nice to compare the two afterwards. I’m currently using the latter and am keen to try out some others. Rosy Cheeks is definitely a strong candidate after today despite my inkling to stay away from rose scents. Needless to say the 6 year old in the group really liked the pink face mask – bless!


We did the same paired-competition-style game with the shower jellies next and thankfully we were given Needles and Pines (my favourite jelly). We then took part in another jelly-game where we had to throw jellies to-and-throw until one of the pair’s dropped theirs. We won in the end but it was such a close call – those jellies are crazy slippery!

We then mixed the Comforter and Yuzu and Cocoa shower creams and I finally got on board with the smell. I then got to try on the Yummy Mummy shower cream and fell in love with the sweet smell of tonka absolute.


Lastly we had a demo of another Lush cocktail with the Sunnyside bubble bar (because I missed it at the beginning) with a Big Blue bath bomb. We were shown how high staff can mix up the bubble bars in their jug-motions and how the mixtures blended into this rich turquoise, beautifully smelling ‘mermaid-like‘ bath! I think the idea here was the convince us to buy the bubble bar to go with our pre-made bath bombs and I fell for it hook, line and sinker.


I came away with the Yummy Mummy shower cream, a creamy candy bubble bar (with a missing flower!), a Sunnyside bubble bar and my very own hand-made Big Blue bath bomb!


The experience itself was £10 for a full hour session and you get the bomb that you made as part of that (which is ~£4). All in all is was a really fun experience and although I didn’t learn anything new, it was all shown from a different perspective that I hadn’t thought of before. Erin, our show-girl, was simply the best! So caring and attentive to all of us despite our mixed bag of knowledge and ages.

What a great afternoon!


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