How to smell great this Spring

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I recently attended a bloggers event at the Lush Cardiff store, showcasing all of their new Easter goodies and obviously I have to share my experience with you lot!

I had a quick pit-stop at the nearby Marks & Sparks cafe for a light dinner and coffee to keep me going through the evening.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 00.26.28.png

By 6:30pm I had spied on people shiftily entering the Lush store (yes, I stalked) so decided to make my way down early but to my dismay it was just staff entering the store… I really should have gathered this… I ended up waiting impatiently outside until some other like-minded lushies approached, ready for the night ahead. We chatted a little about where we were from and what kinds of blogs/lives we had and then the doors finally opened!

We were greeted to fancy glasses of lemonade with blueberries and the opportunity to have some carrot and dip and/or mini chocolate eggs!

Lush treated us all like the Queens that we clearly are.


At this point, we split up into smaller groups and were lead around the shop by an individual member of staff. I ended up with the lovely, gorgeous and evident Lush geek – Barbz.

Our group started at the shower jellies where I finally caught a wiff of the new Bouncy Bunny jelly, which reminded me of toffee apples at first but when a blogger resembled it to Jaffa Cakes I was instantly in agreement. I think we were all too busy Aww’ing at the cute little creamy orange bunny to care too much anyway.


I would have bought one of these had I not recently bought three jellies. Hopefully i’ll pick one up towards the end of the season. We also tried out the Yummy Mummy shower cream, which obviously i’m a fan of anyway and already have my stock of this for now.

Can’t get enough of that sweet Tonka smell!


We then moved onto the two new soaps for the season. The Sunrise and Somewhere Over The Rainbow soaps! Sunrise reminds me so much of the Brightside bubble bar with it’s rich hit of tangerine and mandarin oils and i’m a sucker for the citrus-y products. On the slightly more subtle note was Somewhere Over The Rainbow, which still hits you with mandarin oils but is more balanced by the neroli oil and rose absolute making it slightly more sweet rather than citrus-y. If you get me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 14.08.29.png

What fixated us bloggers the most was the sheer size of the display soap disc for Somewhere Over The Rainbow. It weighed in at 5.2kg and would cost £230!

I wonder how long that would last…

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 00.40.29.png

Next up was a demo of the Ladybird bubble bar. I remember smelling this before and thinking it was a bit strange or just not for me. However, since trying out the Intergalactic bath bomb I have become more open to different scents – ESPECIALLY mint. I have learnt my lesson and when I smelled Ladybird for a second time I really did fall in love. I would describe the scent as a fruity toothpaste, which may instill images of horror in some but it’s honestly lovely. It’s an equally fresh and sweet scent that matches those spring vibes perfectly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 00.47.06.png

In true bubble bar spree suit we then had a demo of the new Ultraviolet bubble bar. I’ll be honest. I knew I would be walking out with one of these having seen the raving reviews online and yummy sweet scent mix. Having all of the slab-esque bubble bars lined up like this was too good not to photo. Apparently Brightside goes well with Comforter for an extra luxurious bath! The more you know! I may try some sort of rainbow bubble bonanza with my new additions.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 00.52.19.png

Moving onto the strange and unique was the Golden Egg bath bomb? Bubble bar? Melt? All of the above?!

I had seen these in Lush before but was never really captivated by them as the Sunnyside bubble bar seemed like a better deal scent wise. OH HOW I WAS MISTAKEN! This bath bomb melt (as they apparently name it) starts off as a shimmering melt that blends into a rich toffee scent that only gets richer with the addition of the bath bomb hidden in the middle! What a cracker! Ey? Much like a caramel butterbeer from Harry Potter according to Barbz, this indulgent product gave me a sugar craving that was quickly met by the mini-chocolate eggs at hand. Lush to the rescue!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 01.03.39.png

Now, I tend to stay away from the gift boxes as they can be fairly pricey for what you get (considering Lush is already a bank-breaker at times). Nevertheless I was ready to be convinced. We were shown two of the current gift sets including a Mother’s day special (Happy Mother’s Day) and the Lush Spa gift box.

It’s clear from the get-go that the Happy Mother’s Day gift box was in fact a reusable flower planter from its oblong shape with convenient handles on the side. Alongside the collection of floral, sweet bathtime goodies there were even some cute seeds covered in biodegradable paper in the shape of plant petals! The idea behind this is that when you’re done bathing in heaven you can fill the planter with soil and plant your own Lush seedlings!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 01.15.02.png

I thought this was such a cute idea and at £35.50 it’s actually not that dear considering everything that you can get from this. I think the other massive pull for this is the addition of the Sunflower bubble bar that is HUGE and smells exactly like lemon sherbert.

This needs to be a permanent addition to the main collection, Lush!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.43.01.png

The Lush Spa gift box was a much more calming experience with an unfoldable gift box that could double up as a jewelry box! The compartments were lined with a grass like paper filler and ladened with more lush goodies! This gift set focused more on the calming scents such as lavender to set you up for a luxurious night of pampering. There was also a cute envelope in the lid that contained various postcards, which was a nice touch to those of us that love stationery.


We then moved back to the main attraction of the night – the Easter bath specials! Which Came First is one of Lush’s new reusable bath bombs.

Oh yes, you heard me right, reusable.

It resembles a gigantic egg that when cracked open revealed a tiny chick bomb in the middle – eggception! You end up with three parts to this bomb (the two parts of the shell that you demolished and the chick in the middle) that all smell very sweet but also fresh. This most likely comes from the Lemon and vanilla combo with a sharp grapefruit punch in there too.

I will definitely be buying one of these in the next few weeks, if only to smash it to pieces in my bathroom like a crazed mad woman.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 14.44.41.png

Next was the Humpty Dumpty bomb that also has this reusable experience where you could get three baths from the one bomb if you demolish that casing. What I found hilarious was the addition of a hidden splattered egg in the middle depicting that Humpty did indeed fall off of the wall. The irony carries on when you consider you have to actually crack open Humpty Dumpty himself to access the egg.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.36.54.png

We then had a quick demo of the Fluffy Egg bath bomb, which smelled exactly like the Creamy Candy bubble bar. I’m looking forward to combining the two to create a candy floss kingdom!


Next up was the new and improved Bunch of Carrots bubble bar demo! Despite the hefty £6.25 price tag, each of these colourful carrots will last you 2-3 baths, meaning you end up with a potential 70p per bath price tag, which is much less scary and convinces you, right? Especially when you get a magical combination of lemon and earthy tones!

On top of that you get to pick what colour you want your bath to be or maybe you want to see what happens when you mix purple, pink and orange?! The choice is yours!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 13.43.26.png

We then tried to create a swirly bath bomb experience with the Rose Bombshell bath bomb from the Mother’s day range and it worked! The result was a creamy, rich, floral explosion that made me want to fill my bath with rose goodness, which is a first for me! Lush seems to do excellent work of combining rose scents with sweet goodness that somehow wins me over every time despite being put off by rose as a solo-scent.

Finally, for the main blogger bonanza was a demo of their new Skydancer bath bomb. Now, most of the other girls in the group didn’t fall for the smell of this bath bomb and I remember smelling this last week and jumping on the same boat. However, second time round I really appreciated the earthy lemon notes for all it’s worth. I am now realising there is cinnamon in this, which I usually hate with a passion but I honestly didn’t notice it so i’ll just forget that I read that part.

Amazingly, this bath bomb design also allows it to float on the water and display the apparent flying bird roaming around your watery home.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 14.06.03.png

The other amazing thing about this product is that 100% of the profits made on the sales of Skydancer go to a charity dedicated to high-tech tagging of endangered hen harrier chicks in the UK. In 2014, only 4 pairs of these cute birds bred meaning they need all the help they can get. Unfortunately, ‘accidental‘ shootings occur as well as purposeful due to their rarity.

Seriously though, who can say no to these cuties?


After this, we had the chance to leave or stick around for the more bath demos or a skin/hair care consultation. Obviously I wasn’t leavingdon’t be silly!

I would have loved a skin consultation but couldn’t resist a demo of a Lush cocktail demo called ‘Bulbasaur‘. The bulbasaur combines the Avobath bath bomb with the Sunnyside bubble bar leaving you with a lemony grassy indulgent bath that shimmers in waves of pure pokemon delight.

The inner gamer geek in me approves of this combo.


By this point I had about 15 minutes left to blindly run around grabbing random bath bombs from shelves of which I chose the Golden Egg bomb and the Ultraviolet bubble bar. I would have bought everything had I not already had a recent Lush delivery to go through but I can assure you that I will be going back to restock on the Spring range when I get through my backlog.

However, I had forgotten that I was in a Lush store where they go above and beyond as a brand to spread the loveeven to us PR hungry bloggers. We were given a generous gift bag upon leaving that also provided me with a Fluffy Egg, a Rose Bombshell and a decent slab of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


Alongside my purchases and some more generous samples of the Henna hair dye and Cup O’ Coffee to try out I ended up with a mini haul going on! I also ended up with an additional rogue chick from the What Came First bath bomb that I had unknowingly been carrying around since the demo earlier. In my defence, I offered it around the group and no one wanted it so I willingly adopted it into my possession like any kind-hearted blogger would do. Right?


I had an incredible time.

Lush Cardiff and Barbz exceeded my expectations from the workshop I attended last week and went above and beyond to tailor our experience to the scents that we prefered.

Apparently it won’t be too long until my next visit as Lush Cardiff are partnering up with Hope Rescue on the 27th and 28th of February to host a dog friendly Lush experience where all profits from the Charity Pot product will go to this charity specifically. Hope rescue was set up by a busy mum wanting to save the many dogs that are unnecessarily put down due to strains on the doggy care systems by adopting them herself. Due to the increasing demands of such a cause, they need all the help they can get to continue their work. Being a small charity, they rely heavily on volunteer work and donations so if you fancy helping out too i’m sure it would be greatly appreciated. The dogs being brought along to the event are also up for adoption too! If only I could have dogs in the flat!

Surrounding myself with dogs and Lush – I can’t think of a better way to spend my weekend!

If I had to pick ONE PRODUCT as my favourite from tonight’s shenanigans it would have to be the Golden Egg purely for it’s original toffee scent and combination of a bath melt AND bomb!


However, i’m also extremely excited to try out Humpty Dumpty, Ladybird, Skydancer and also that Bulbasaur Lush cocktail, which is giving me ideas for future bath-time geekery so watch this space!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 15.27.30.png


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  1. Wow! This blogger event looked amazing :). I love seeing the staff demo all the products – it’s so fun, but it makes you want to buy everything haha! Great post.


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