So many books, so little time!

I’m quite the go-get-em type of person usually when i’m not battling with procrastination. I’m cheap in the sense that i’ll make use of anything that comes free including freebies at the supermarket, i’ll try to fix something broken rather than chucking it and make use of any public service that makes life easier.

For instance, local libraries.

I’m a sucker for Waterstones and hope it never closes down but as I currently only have part-time income to spend on goodies I have recently checked out Cardiff central library to sustain my reading desires.

My local library back in Somerset was evidently underfunded and was breaking at the seams. Bristol’s central library was better and even set in a cathedral! However that kind of old and musky feeling that most libraries end up with doesn’t do it for me. I couldn’t relax and settle so it never stuck with me. My college/university libraries just ended up as a big hangout for the people going to the library just to look like they’re doing work or those crazy panic people that leave everything to the last minute. Either way, it’s also not a nice relaxed environment.


Cardiff on the other hand is pretty much exactly what i’ve always been looking for. It’s modern and clearly has had funding pumped into it from it’s edgy furniture, functional design and willingness to adopt new technology. It has a HUGE range of books to browse and – in typical welsh fashion – lots of welsh language books and welsh history collections. There’s also tonnes of study spaces ranging from slouchy armchairs to upright desks to computer and ipad stations. It really does cover a lot of ground, which is why I love it so much.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.29.31.png

Maybe i’m tutoring an a level student and need a big table to spread out? Check. Maybe i’m in the mood to just sit and read quietly in a nice comfy chair with a coffee? Check. Maybe i’m looking to focus on my work with a handy ipad nearby to google stuff? Check.

Seriously, it’s just the best. Plus where else will you find massive complete collections like this for free?


Or be able to actually refer to the full Gray’s anatomy without forking out £150?


The other great thing that I love about this library is the seemingly continuous array of workshops and learning opportunities for all. They are always advertising weekly clubs or sessions to improve any skill from coding, website marketing or help with getting your ideal job with interview practice and CV sessions. Volunteers also run child-friendly sessions that incorporate Minecraft with maths among others.


I guess what i’m getting at is that YOU should consider your local library too for not only access to masses of free books but also help with any life-setbacks and self-improvement techniques. If you’re looking for a place to study and find that your school’s library is jam-packed with distractions then pop over to your local library instead! I understand that not all libraries are as amazing as this one but it’s worth trying out at some point. It’s funded by tax money after all and it’s a great service.

I hope this inspires you to check out your local library! 


6 thoughts on “So many books, so little time!

  1. You are very lucky to have access to such an amazing library. I have utilised my town library for books and they do have a good but small collection. I used to find sitting in the library at University very inspiring when I was a student.


    1. I’m so thankful for it, I love that it gets used as well. Libraries are such a fundamental aspect of developing our society in my opinion so I’m glad they’re still being used even if they’re not as impressive 😄.

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  2. That library is awesome. I have a small library that I use all the time, but mainly by looking on the website and placing the books I want on hold. I wish I had a library like that to enjoy. I think mine has only 2 chairs, maybe 3.


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