The Burger and Lobster

Despite becoming a near vegetarian as of late because of my disdain for splurging out money on meat, one of my all time favourite meals is a good ol’ burger. I’m talking a big ol’ hunk of ground beef with cheddar ever so slightly melted on top, salad peeking out over the edges, crispy bacon, ketchup, mayo and a fluffy bun to crown it off. Couple that slice of heaven with a handful of crispy chips (not chunky *gasp*) and a crunchy salad and i’m a happy bunny.

It might not come as a surprise then that I rather enjoyed my recent visit to the simply named Burger and Lobster in Cardiff. I’ve been a little hesitant of this place as i’m a massive non-fan of anything seafood, including lobster. However, the other half had just handed in a big coursework project so I felt like doing something special and as he LOVES lobster I thought it was an apt choice!

From the get go I loved the atmosphere at The Burger and Lobster. A dimly lit entrance with a lonely chalk board inviting us upstairs revealed it was actually a second floor restaurant overlooking the somewhat busy St Davids shopping centre. The massive pros for this location is the amazing ceiling decor that seemed as though it was from some kind of southern american seafood restaurant. You know, the ones with the wood everywhere and nets hung up as decor? This place didn’t have net decor but instead housed huge stone archways that segmented the layout of the restaurant perfectly into different dining areas surrounding a central bar. I can see this being perfect for any kind of game night.

There was also ruby-red leather lined seats, western music playing and a combination of wood and brick foundations. The kitchen itself was in the corner but was open-plan, which I much prefer as you can spy on the chefs cooking up a storm.

IMG_7053 (1).jpg

Alongside this there is even a wall with built-in lobster tanks where you can witness the sheer size of a 2.2kg lobster for free (and not pay the £105 to eat it). It was essentially the length of my arm…

We were greeted promptly by a friendly waitress who showed us to our booth table (I love boothes). She then clearly explained that the menu is in fact just a burger, lobster meat or lobster meat in a bun. There was a special cajun burger that I opted for at a lunchtime price of £12. The boyf went for the bunned lobster that came with garlic butter. They both also came with chips and salad. First off though, we went for some raspberry lemonades! I really enjoyed this as it was fresh with no added sugar, but my ever sugar-craving other half would have preferred a more generic lemonade.


Once we had ordered, it was time to snoop around a bit more. We soon agreed that The Burger and Lobster seems to hit a balance between class and casual with its gorgeous decor and the waitress in jeans and a t-shirt. Our booth table was also situated next to a beautiful arched window that blended seamlessly into the central archways in the restaurant. There were even branded plastic bibs and hand wipes (that smelled amazing)! It left us feeling really comfortable and relaxed.


After chatting relentlessly about how much we loved the atmosphere, it was time to test out the food!



Luke’s lobster roll was a bit on the small size from what we expected for £20 but Luke really enjoyed the succulent, juicy lobster meat. The bun itself Luke didn’t fancy so much and found it hard to explain… Apparently it was similar to a very thick slice of bread that was cut down the middle and stuffed, which wasn’t what he was expecting. Nevertheless the lobster meat coupled with the chips, salad and garlic butter went down a treat!

My cajun burger was deeeelicious and just the right size! The cajun spice in the burger meat and mayo wasn’t overpowering but kicked it up a notch from the usual. My only gibe would be a personal hatred for gherkins (which I unfortunately bit into before realising they were there) and also the addition of pickled red onions instead of just freshly sliced onions, but that’s just me. I loved that they opted for crispy chips (fries) over chunky chips but was disappointed that the salad was mainly rocket and would have preferred more of a lettuce combo.

After gobbling up our mains we decided to have a glance at the dessert menu as Luke was keen. I was way too full up but did manage to try a cappuccino that was a really great brew and even better than a lot of chain coffees! The mug it came in was also way too cute and had painted flying lobsters on the side and branded the restaurant name on the inside of the mug.


Luke tried out the unusual Welsh cake ice cream with caramel sauce and pockets of actual Welsh cake goodness. It was incredible. I would love to say it was the best ice cream I have ever had but unfortunately most of my family are from Devon and you can’t beat their ice cream. Let’s be honest, it’s famous. Let’s say it was the best non-vanilla ice cream i’ve ever had and I really hope I can replicate this some day at home because it is absolutely magical. If you don’t know what Welsh cakes taste like, they’re similar to flat, grilled scones with added cinnamon, nutmeg and raisins. YUM!


Another really cute aspect to this was the design of the cardboard container for the ice cream sporting a “Our new dessert pot design…” scribbled onto a black background. Simply, effective and kind of comical.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.44.30

Overall, The Burger and Lobster surpassed my expectations with it’s extensive bar, friendly staff and great quality food. The classy/casual atmosphere really worked well and I look forward to future visits.

In fact… Luke is on about taking us back there soon!





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