March moments

It may not be a new years resolution or anything but I thought I would start a kind of reflective journal of each month as it comes and goes! I want to remember and rekindle the great bits that made that month special but also acknowledge and build on crappy parts too. So here goes!

Here are my top 5 moments of March:

 1.  School volunteering

Some particular highs from volunteering this month have been sitting alone in an empty classroom and thinking ‘I can get used to this‘ and the continuous great feedback I get from students in particular that make me want to get back into the classroom every single day.

2. Dad’s birthday

My dad has been the rock in my life since I can remember. I haven’t really written about my past from that context but maybe I will share it someday. It was lovely to give back to him some great memories involving a great meal out, his favourite cheesecake (that I always make) an exhausting cycle ride and chilling out giggling over some card games.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.30.30.png

3.  Easter

Slingshot bunnies, easter egg hunts, treasure hunts, nick-nack shops, the best ice cream in the world and making future family plans for the summer were all huge highlights for me. It was a weekend packed with family time and especially catching up with my 9 year old cousin who means the world to me.


4.  Luke getting into platinum ELO (League of Legends)

Many of you may not know that Luke and I bonded over playing League of Legends together back in the day. We continue to play games as it forms part of who we are and where we came from; obviously it’s great fun too! So when Luke re-entered plat this month it was a massive relief for him (after entering promos 5 times) and I always feel so proud of him for getting into the top ~2% of ~60 million players worldwide.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.28.45.png

5.  Lush Kitchen mastery

You’ll soon read all about how disappointed I was this month over a Lush kitchen fiasco but ultimately, a high of mine this month was sorting that out and securing some massive favourite products in the ‘voted for‘ week that I am crazy excited for! I also won a giveaway hosted by Lush Upon A Time so I am all Lushed out for a while!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.39.02.png



The not so great 5 moments:

 1.  Migraine

Probably the all time low of March has to be the reappearance of my migraines after over 2 years migraine free. It hit me just before I was going to start writing my essay and completely messed with my mindset and physical energy for a week. I had to cancel tutoring, meetings and worst of all my volunteering! It was horrible but at least now I know what to look out for in the future to get ahead of the horridness that is a migraine. I don’t miss them and i’m mad that they’re back!

2. TeachFirst placement issues

A close second that occurred just after my migraine and also messed with my essay writing schedule was the suggestion that I could end up in a TeachFirst school over an hours drive away. It was a really badly organised and orchestrated information email that took me off guard and made me question everything. It just really wasn’t what I wanted to be dealing with following a migraine and prior to writing an essay. I really need to learn how to cope with stress better…

3.  Essay writing

So after these two massive setbacks, it was finally time to write that god awful essay. Granted, this essay wasn’t as bad as January’s but it wasn’t great. My timeline was messed up from all the stress and although I had an extension, my mind was often elsewhere. It was also a very novel topic for me that pushed me out of my comfort zone and was unlike anything i’ve ever written before. I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out but what’s done is done now.


4.  The frustrations of age

I loved spending extra time with my family this month but visiting my gran was a particular revelation of the frustrations that come with age this month. The deteriorating memory, taking care of your lifelong partner with dementia and increased lack of patience creates a very negative atmosphere at times that was difficult to be around. There were a couple situations that were particular infuriating and I just hate it when silly things get in the way of making good memories with my family.

5. Tweet bubble bar

I’m still extremely bitter about not getting this Lush kitchen product. I was up at 6:50am because I mistakenly thought the Lush kitchen opened at 7am, then spent the next hour and a half refreshing the website to try and gain access to the tweet bubble bar with no luck. At 8:15am, it finally appeared on the kitchen homepage for 10 seconds before a glitch messed up my cart and then they were sold out. Apparently, searching for the product in the search bar of the site instead of refreshing the main page is the way to go and ALWAYS go on twitter to check on things during your experience! I learnt a lot and made sure I followed these rules this week with massive success but i’ll still be ever p****d that I didn’t get my hands on Tweet… It’s too cute and lemony!!


Be on the lookout for April fools tomorrow… You’ve been warned!


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