Population 100

Thank you all so much for congregating yourselves here on Polly Kingdom!

There’s now a whole 100 of you following this blog and that really excites me that you’re all sticking through the seemingly disordered bunch of posts about whatever I feel like. A bit of lush here and there, a sprinkling of music posts with the odd student rambling thrown in is pretty much my blog summary so far I guess!

Well i’ll have you know that i’m still not much further in the whole ‘figuring out what this blog is supposed to be about‘ business but I will admit it definitely looks a whole lot better than it did! I’ve connected up to more social media to spread the polly kingdom love and I now have at least one post in every sub page woohoo!

So far this year i’ve managed to double the amount of people visiting polly kingdom and also triple the number of views with only half the posts! God knows how this has all spiralled but it’s incredible!

To be honest, i’m just so happy to still be here, blogging once a week and continuing to enjoy chatting with you all and generally sharing the positivity and life experiences because it really does lift me up most days.

You’re the best!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 21.40.37.png

If you don’t already follow me on instagram and twitter then you’re clearly missing out! Give it a go @pollykingdom & @pollykingdom 😀 ❤


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