Ratchet & Clank (2016) review

~*~*~*~SPOILER WARNING!~*~*~*~

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It’s been WAY TOO LONG since a Ratchet & Clank game by Insomniac Games. Three years to be exact! Even those more recent releases were more spin-offs than fully fledged, meaty games. Despite this, Ratchet & Clank 2016 is a remake of the original first game of the series (from 2002!) so it’s not quite a whole new game in my opinion.

Or at least, that’s what I THOUGHT.

Being a devoted fan of the Ratchet & Clank series, I obviously remember the general plot and character development for this game. However, this game goes above and beyond in terms of style and substance, which I was pleasantly surprised with! For starters, the game has had a revamp and some of the scenes are stunning…

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422164648.jpg

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422170029.jpg

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422172620.jpg

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422222144.jpg

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422182712.jpg

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160424012256.jpg

But it’s not just a makeover that makes this game amazing, although I would have probably been happy just because of this!

The game is riddled with references as the story revolves around Captain Quark’s boastful recollections of the original story in his prison cell (after the first game), which brings back the classic ironic comedy that makes Ratchet & Clank so lovable. Weapon upgrades are a lot more effective and the levelling system works seamlessly, which has probably been taken from more recent games (a great addition!).

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422163546.jpg

Everything you need is now on the map rather than having to toggle through different screens that was a classic annoyance from the first game for me.

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422170050.jpg

Gameplay is near perfect with strafing and trigger control working well. Ratchet & Clank definitely marks the way forward when it comes to precise camera control that I wish other games would adopt.

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422184837.jpg

One thing that I found a lot easier to use was the aiming in the spaceship control scenes that works SO MUCH BETTER than other manual aiming tasks that have been presented in the past.

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160423003529.jpg

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160423135854.jpg

The addition of card collectables that upgrade your weapons was something I was worried about but works really well as there’s no microtransactions or any other incentives other than the game itself. It’s that good.

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160424012137.jpg

The thing about Ratchet & Clank if you haven’t played before is it nails the humour side of things. It’s that kind of dry, not-so-obvious, British-esque humour that creates an atmosphere that keeps you hooked for days on end.

It’s that surprise ‘Pool Sharks are the Worst‘ trophy you get from being chomped by an underwater enemy or the zurkon vs zurkon fights that brings this game into my favourites list.

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160423141643.jpg

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160423150906.jpg

I have to admit, I was quite crushed when the end cut scene didn’t load after what seems to be a glitch if you die at the same time as the final boss….

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 16.54.43.pngBut of course that didn’t stop me from replaying the game on Hard, Challenge mode just to get the end scene I so deserved…

So if you’re sat looking at your PS4 thinking ‘why oh why are there not mountains of amazing games being released anymore‘ then spend the £30 on Ratchet & Clank for an amazing experience that will keep you busy for a few days at least. This game also has huge replay value with massive charm that anyone can get stuck into.

If you’re an avid R&C fan and are wondering if it’s worth the money for a revamp, the answer is a solid YES.


5 stars


P.s. You can’t have a Ratchet & Clank review without a couple oh-so-satisfying mid crate smashes!

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422232518.jpg

Ratchet _ Clank™_20160422194810.jpg


4 thoughts on “Ratchet & Clank (2016) review

    1. Good question! It is similar in that you have the hero and sidekick and similar humour. There’s also a main story with some side quests that share similarities with Jak and Dax although I wouldn’t ever play one or the other.

      They’re both extremely charming games and completely worthwhile if you enjoy one or the other already 😄.

      It took me about 15 hours maybe to complete the game on normal mode (with massively upgraded weapons that you maybe didn’t need to do). Then I replayed on challenge for another 10-12 hours maybe. Using the RYNO weapon is worth the second playthrough 😍.

      For £30 though this game is 100% worth it! Have you played the original?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haven’t the original yet. 15 hours sounds like a nice length, not too long and not too short, especially consider the price. I liked Jak and Daxter, was thinking about how similar they seem to look and feel, so I guess I’m going to like Ratchet and Clank too. Definitely gonna try it out.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aww man if you haven’t played it before you’re in for a treat!

        When the games first came out in the early noughties there was definitely a divide among fans, but once you play both it’s like double the fun! R&C being my first, will probably always be a bit more special for me though :D.

        That’s great! I hope you enjoy :D.

        Liked by 1 person

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