Five study playlists

I’m in the heat of my revision at the moment. It’s final year. Ain’t got no time for dilly-daddling! The weird reality is that in just under 3 weeks i’ll be finished! In one month i’ll be training to be a teacher! In two months i’ll graduate! It’s all too much!!!!

On a much more relaxing note, I have always loved music. Music helped me through a really tough time and has this ability to change my mood like a switch, which can be really useful in manipulating my mood. So when it comes to revision, it’s extremely useful in getting me started and also keeping me motivated! It’s no magical cure, but it certainly helps.

Take a listen at the general process of playlists I go through during intense study times.

  1. Motivation

At the beginning, I need some upbeat YEAH songs to get me thinking that I’m super pumped to get working. This tends to be exercise playlists like this one, because let’s face it, I don’t use this during exercise…

2.  Personalise

When i’m fully pumped, I move onto my own personal playlist of mellow tunes with the odd instrumental song to get me in the mood to focus. I really recommend that you make your own as you can fill it with your fave songs so it isn’t all just new stuff that can be distracting.

3.  Concentration

This is the time where i’m knee deep in concentration and need some instrumental background noise to keep me going. A lot of the songs in this playlist are either calm and mellow or intense and propel me forward. It’s strange how music can be so powerful for me!

4. Classical

If i’m getting a bit bored of the previous playlist I sometimes refer to this classical playlist to mix things up and bring it back to the orchestral sounds that honestly just make me feel clever. There’s something about classical that is probably a cultural thing that just makes me feel like i’m important and ‘get me for listening to this‘ kind of attitude that helps me regain revision focus!

5. Celebrate

Finally, when i’m finished I make sure to give myself some celebratory time with another upbeat playlist with more OOMF on ‘you did it‘ vibes. This Walking Like a Badass playlist is just the trick with regular beats that make me feel accomplished and proud of all the hard work i’ve done.

The great thing about playlists is they’re so long that chances are you won’t get through it all and get bored quickly. They’re also widely available and you can personalise them to your taste!

Do you listen to music while working? Do you prefer silence?

Let me know in the comments!


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