Star Fluxx | Game review

I am an avid watcher of the Youtube series, Table Top and when it came to buying Christmas gifts for my other half in 2015 I decided to turn to the world of card and board games to provide me with all the answers. Star Fluxx stuck out for me as it was relatively cheap with a large deck and seemed to have great replay value. It sounded perfect for Luke!

Star Fluxx is a card game where you take turns to draw and play cards to ultimately match the conditions of the goal card to win the game. The catch is such goal cards are constantly changing, the rules are constantly changing and even your hands are constantly changing! You’re never safe in Star Fluxx, which means games can last 10 minutes or even 4-5 hours if it keep resetting…


This ever-changing nature brings about massive replay value as every single card in the 100 card deck is totally different. There are groups of goals, rules, keepers, creepers, actions and surprises. The keepers/creepers are cards that you can play in front of you from your hand to either maybe win with later or to use an action. Such as the crazy amazing computer card that allows you one extra draw and play per turn or the unseen force that allows you to steal a random card from someone else’s hand once per turn. Creepers attach to your keepers in play and prevent you from using them to win or in certain goals actually contribute to the winning hand! ActionsΒ and surprisesΒ are cards that are played to switch things up a bit, my favourite being the switch chairs card where you have to physically switch seats with someone (including your hand!).




I’ve had so much fun with this game already at Christmas with the family and also sat around with a bunch of friends catching up. This game encourages laughter and dialect but crucially doesn’t miss out on that competitive nature because – as i’ve said – you’re never safe!

SO MANY TIMESΒ I have been setting up my hand for the win condition for the next turn only to see someone change the goal and all of a sudden my cards are completely useless. Then there are the times where I change the goal only for the next person to lay down both win conditions and close the game!

Or that time where I had one card left that would enable my friend to win the game with their keepers if I played it, which I didn’t hehehe…


Or here, where I have the most overpowered keepers in the game in front of me and my only remaining card is bloody brain transference where I HAVE TO switch seats and hands with someone. Oh and look, no one else has any cards because I keep stealing them with unseen force!!! Arrrrrghhh! Just when you think you’ve won!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.37.11.png

It looks daunting as every card is different. I think people look at this game and freak out a little bit, thinking there’s so much to learn but it’s really not that bad. You figure out pretty quickly what each group of cards can do and which ones are best to keep for later and which are best to get out in front of you sooner. It’s actually a really refreshing card game that keeps things interesting. There are also various different versions of Fluxx including Adventure Time, Cartoon Network, Monty Python and zombie!

It’s random but also strategical and that’s what makes Star Fluxx the game that we keep coming back to time after time.



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