Exciting times

I’m in the middle of my final year exams right now and i’m pretty tense. Not stressed (as I actually feel strangely ok about them) but everything and anything could change at any moment so. Tense.

I thought I would write a short post to firstly keep up with blogging and secondly to stay motivated throughout the last haul of my degree. I’m going to list out 10Β exciting things that are happening after exams for me (IN JUST 4 DAYS) that I am SO excited to start!

  1. Visiting family
  2. Busted – Pigs Can Fly tour
  3. Birthdays all round
  4. Tutoring
  5. TeachFirst Summer Institute
  6. Blogging more
  7. S U M M E R!!!
  8. Lifestyle changes (time to crack down on the second half of those new year’s resolutions!)
  9. ALL the video games!
  10. Reading masses of books (Game of Thrones, The Silmarillion, The Widow and all my teaching books!)

Bring it


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