Guess who’s back…

… Back again.

Remember when I told you all I wouldn’t give up blogging and that I would make less frequent posts with more enthusiasm in them? BET YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD BE NEARLY 6 MONTHS LATER DID YA! HA! HAD YOU FOOLED!

In all seriousness my life has been forced into overdrive since then and I can safely say the TeachFirst graduate programme is the hardest thing i’ve ever done.

Let’s rewind a little bit…

Straight after my last post I went on my 6 week training experience that is Summer Institute. Here, I learnt all about the age old theories behind education and was told multiple times how hard this would be. I  have to admit that not a lot of Summer Institute actually prepared me for teaching, but then, what can prepare you?

I graduated from University with a solid 2:1 and despite average-high average results (as expected by my dept of course) I was really pleased to let go of that time of my life. As much as I have some great memories it was time to move on properly.

I started teaching secondary science in September and it’s honestly been the most genuine and down to earth job i’ve ever had. It’s amazing how different and entertaining my pupils are and how they all have different needs that I have to provide for (god knows how). I really do enjoy teaching, especially when I have long discussions with 14 year olds about how insects REALLY used to be GIANT in prehistoric times due to increased atmospheric oxygen levels. I blew their minds, let me tell you that. It also helps that i’m reassured and encouraged from all angles and floored my first teaching observation for my PGCE, which is epic.


Unfortunately, I get tired of the playground politics. The dreariness of data meetings and general ‘faff‘ that comes with teaching is quite demoralising, especially in a job where you’re never finished. Despite that, so long as i’m in front of a class i’m a happy bunny.


You’ll all be tremendously grateful (i’m sure) that although this has been a whirlwind of a term, it has left me in a much more focused mindset. I’m back on that selfishly selfless swing, where although it’s great to help others, sometimes you need to pay attention to yourself to give it your all. I have since realised that part of that includes blogging. I really do miss it. Indeed, just writing this post has lifted my spirits slightly!

Who knows if i’ll have the time to keep this up this year (as so far I haven’t, let’s be honest). But I promise to try to keep you up to date and get back in with the community that i’ve missed!

P.s. why the hell have you lot sticked around for this long?! Mental people! Cheers anyway!


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