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How to lose 7lbs in a week!

Those long standing citizens of polly kingdom will remember an early post with the exact same title. I talked about my weight gain journey and a few simple steps I would make to address it. 15 months later and have I lost weight? Nah… gained a few pounds actually. I mean, based on the subsequent posts about how I was eating pizza and chocolate constantly, it’s hardly a surprise. I mocked how ridiculous it was that diets offer plans to lose 7lbs in a week but how they were still tempting for a moment.


I’ve only gone and lost 6.5 rounded up 7lbs in a week myself!

Do you want to know how?

Did I get your attention?

Are you suitably ready for me to reveal a miracle treatment?

No, no, I don’t always reuse bits from previous posts, honestly…

I actually just joined Slimming World. Yep. Apparently it works.

I lost 6.5 7lbs in my very first week of Slimming World by eating as much pasta, rice, meat and jacket potatoes as my tummy desired. I kid you not, their plan is ridiculously generous. I started out thinking it was impossible. Thinking I would ‘prove them wrong‘ and get my money back by not losing weight – a guarantee they famously hold up proudly as no one has ever got their money back. The more i’ve talked about it recently, the more i’ve realised that Slimming World is really, truly for overweight and obese people. You can lose the weight without pretending like you’re an athlete who just ‘lost their ways‘.

The principle is relatively simple:

  • Eat AS MUCH pasta, rice, cous cous, potatoes and many other carbs as you want (white or wholemeal WHO CARES).
  • Eat AS MUCH veg, fruit, and lean meat as you want (OH YES PEOPLE, THAT INCLUDES BACON with fat trimmed).
  • Eat SO MUCH of 1 dairy product and 1 fibrous product daily (your cheese, milk, yoghurts, breads, cereals).
  • Eat LIMITED amounts of anything else. We call these ‘syns‘ (short for synergy apparently).

I guess the idea is to limit your sugar and fat intake and focus on filling you up with the rest so that your body gradually burns off your own fat.


To be fair it’s not just the diet. It’s all the extra bits that come together to make up Slimming World. It’s the pressure of weighing-in once a week and the determination to make your choices count. It’s the group therapy where you chat to like-minded people and share recipes and tips when eating out. It’s the exercisebody magic‘ that you bring into the mix to tone up as you go. It’s all down to the incredible efforts of your consultant, team members and head office staff who develop the support structure that you desperately need on those crap days where you want to give up. Much like my ear infection, foetal position, crying days where I ate a chicken curry ready meal for under 500kcal.


It costs just under Β£5 per week that you pay by cash on arrival and it is SO WORTH IT. If you’re the kind of person that has been saying to yourself for years ‘i’ll do it next week, month, year, some day in the future etc. etc.‘ and you’re fed up with waiting then try out Slimming World. They even guarantee weight loss so it’s a win-win really.

I’m actually going to start a bit of a series on here to document my WEIGHT LOSS journey as I know that this time it’s going to happen.

I just know it.

No excuses.


5 thoughts on “How to lose 7lbs in a week!

  1. It’s great that this is working for you. However, I will mention that typically 1-2 lb. weight loss is recommended per week. So I think it’s awesome you’re seeing results, just make sure that it’s done in a healthy way. As long as you’re still eating calories, you should be fine. Congrats though!


    1. Yeah I understand that if you were losing 7lbs every week continuously it would be concerning. I think the main reason i’ve lost so much is that initial boost you get at the beginning of any weight loss journey or ‘water loss’ as i’ve heard it being named. I am in no way aiming to lose that much per week πŸ˜‚ but I would love to see a loss each week be it small or big ☺️ thanks for the comment! ❀

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  2. I am sure you will succeed eventually. I have been struggling a long time and tried so many things. Till I finally found what worked for me. As long as you don’t give up you will succeed. πŸ™‚ Lost a total of 40 pounds three years ago. Still of without any big drama haha. Good luck!!

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