Phlogmas day 1

Woah there, 6 months off and two posts in one day?


Due to the stonking success of last year’s blogmas, I thought to myself ‘HELL, LET’S BRING IT BACK!‘. Only, the issue is I have no time this year, being a teacher and all. So I thought I would combine blogmas with another series i’ve been wanting to start for a while now, which is photography! I’m gonna go super cringe and call it PHLOGMAS!

I’m a complete novice photographer who was lumped with a Canon DSLR in June and i’m gradually getting to grips with it. So why not try it out on some festive snaps!? We all love a bit of Christmas photography, let’s be honest now.

So, here is your official dose of DSLR goodness for the day!


None of the photos here were edited, the watermark was added in photoshop but no effects or enhancements were made.

What a spooky, foggy start to blogmas ey!

Here, have some festive fun for good measure…



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