slimming world

Slimming World | Week 1

My first week I was very dubious of Slimming World. I followed the plan and couldn’t believe that eating a massive bowl of pizza pasta would help me lose weight. NO WAY! After a lovely introduction to how it all works and a taste of how the group sessions were run, I was raring to go to the shop and get myself sorted for the week ahead.

I’ve started using my fridge food planner properly and planned out my week in advance.

Brackets = syn values

My breakfasts and lunches were pretty much sorted. I left some gaps for experimenting with recipes online and allowed myself the Hi-Fi choco mint bars as they are my go-to chocolate fix if i’m craving some.

I made a massive batch of Noçoise salad with bacon and egg, which was all considered FREE! It was lovely but I put way too much lemon juice in and I wasn’t a fan of it chilled if i’m being honest. Not sure if i’ll use this again for batch lunches.


Now, this plan had changed quite a lot by the end of the week. This is the beauty of this planner, you can just rub off and add bits as you go without losing track of the big picture.

Cheeky shopping list underneath!

I started totalling up my syns for each day on the left and as you can see I generally kept below the 15 maximum. Let’s just ignore the one day where we had a huge Facebook debate about whether mushed up bananas REALLY counted as 4 syns just because they were mushed. The general conclusion was that as long as you’re not living off of mushed bananas, you can choose to ignore that rule occasionally (you just can’t ‘guarantee‘ the weight loss is all).

Speaking of which, this all came about from a pancake recipe I tried as I used to have pancakes as a Saturday morning comfort food. I added Nutella to some and fat free fromage frais and frozen raspberries to the other. Both were lush but the Nutella fixed by chocolate cravings so… Can’t go wrong!


Other highlight meals of the week were definitely my homemade chicken katsu curry and ‘pizza pasta bake’ that tastes just like pizza in a bowl! Both are going to be weekly staple meals for sure and are both completely FREE! It’s crazy that I can eat as much of this as I want (Mozarella has to be controlled though).


I finished the week having lost 6.5lbs and couldn’t believe it! I had barely done any exercise so I wasn’t expecting much but was really pleasantly surprised! I’m only 0.5lbs from my half stone award and from my christmas target! I think i’m going to have to edit this target…Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 14.37.08.png

So, after an incredible start i’m so excited for the week ahead.

I can’t wait to plan my next week’s meals and experiment some more with food optimising.

I want to focus on speed foods next week to really go guns blazing into more weight loss!


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