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Slimming World | Week 2

This week I am pleased to say that i’ve met my half stone award!

Wew wewww!


I lost 1.5lbs this week taking me to 8lbs in total, which is great! It wasn’t quite the 3lbs that I had wanted and i’m pretty sure that’s because my speed foods slipped this week and I was yet again mostly sedentary due to work complications. This also meant that I couldn’t go out and shop for fresh fruit and veg, hence the speed food deficiency. It’s also worth mentioning that losing 6.5lbs each week for example is not healthy and I am in no way expecting that – pfffffft I aint no miracle worker!

That being said, I managed to lose 1.5lbs onΒ cappuccinos,Β ready meals and a take away


Even just by sticking to my syn allowance for the days and not giving A TOSS about speed foods, i’ve managed to eat easy-peasy, lush meals and still managed to lose weight?!

I love this plan…

My weekly diary ended up looking like this, where my lunches were easily planned unlike usual. Normally I only have a microwave with a huge queue to cook with at work…


I tried both the Chicken Saag and Chicken Tikka Masala ready meals that slimming world offer and both were amazing for a frozen meal. I’ve started getting into the swing of meals with a burger and salad and pizza pasta becoming staple meals for me.



I tried out a jambalaya recipe using lots of leftover veg and sausages, which was equally incredible and will be a weekly meal as well! The beauty of this is it makes delicious leftover lunch boxes as well! Perfect for me!


I also updated my stir fry recipe with a low-syn chow mein sauce! It was good but I still think it could be better and will be trying out some changes soon!

Stir fry is packed full of speed food, it’s SO GOOD for you!

For snack-age this week, i’ve properly got myself going with fruit. I’ve been having big bowls of chopped fruit for easy pickings and reaching for it first thing if i’m pecking between meals. It’s taken a week or so to get used to but now I feel SO MUCH BETTERΒ about it and am enjoying the energy i’m regaining from this lifestyle!

A chopped banana, apple and orange for pickings!

I’m feeling really excited about the week ahead and my goal will still be to fit in MORE speed food, continue with the fruity snacks and MAYBE go to the gym or do a workout once this week!

I’m making no promises to myself as I know work will be tough but I guess as long as I see a loss each week, i’m happy to make progress.


10 thoughts on “Slimming World | Week 2

  1. Congratulations! All of your food looks amazing! I am also on slimming world, I have been doing it for 6 weeks now and I have lost 12.5lbs I love reading other peoples blogs that are on the same journey I think it is so inspirational. I am following your blog so that I can read more of your posts. xx

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  2. Interesting read, I’m a previous target member a year a go before having my baby. I’m not going back to plan too! Have never tried the frozen meals but you might just be tempting me!

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