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Slimming World | Week 3

So I know i’ve gone over a month without updating this blog but bear with me, it was Christmas and teaching and life and busy and AHHH!

So, truth be told I have weighed in twice since the last post. I managed to gain a couple of pounds over the Christmas break which, to be fair, isn’t that bad considering I pigged out on cheese and chocolate constantly. I also went a bit mad onΒ things like this…


Nevertheless, I am happy to report that now thatΒ my hellish January of assignments, school work and general busy-life-shenanigans is coming to an end, i’m back on plan and ready to make this year the year where I finally ‘do it’ (lose it all).

In fact, i’ve lost 6lbs since my last weigh-in two weeks ago!

This means that i’ve lost 10lbs in total and i’m definitely noticing it with my clothes lately!

The past week i’ve had some crazy days at work meaning i’ve mainly been eating the Slimming World freezer meals from Iceland Foods. Whilst they’re not cheap, they certainly work when you’re battling against time as i’ve literally had one for lunch and one for dinner 4 days this week.


On Friday, I actually managed to find the time to cook so I made a chicken fajita plate with a fat free fromage frais, cajun and coriander combo instead of sour cream to make it free and it was delicious.


This week I have also been pigging out on my favourite chocolate cookies in the evening to make up my syns. Being 18 syns each and sometimes eating 2 of an evening, i’m so surprised to have lost what I lost. It just goes to show that 5 snacks a week doesn’t take away all the effort of the other meals i’ve planned.

Another big change for me this week was switching my breakfasts up to include yoghurts and fruit. This way, I get some more speed into my diet and save my all important HEXA and HEXB for the rest of the day – amazing! It’s taken time for this adjustment to kick in as I have struggled to get the energy for the day without my HEXB in the morning, but I guess that’s where coffee has taken over.

All in all, i’m looking ahead to the week and it’s another busy one so i’m stocking up on Iceland meals and will be food optimising as much as possible on my two nights away this week coming.

Here’s to another great loss and more to come!


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